Surface 3 Red

Today is the release of the Microsoft Surface 3 and it’s going to be available around the world and in various countries. New accessories, including Surface 3 Type Cover, Surface Pen, Surface 3 Docking Station and Surface 3 Screen Protector are also available for customizing your Surface 3 exactly the way you want. Some of which you can look at also here.

If an old Surface RT, Surface 2, or Surface 2 w/ WiFi + 4G is lying around your house you can trade it in to Microsoft and get up to $150 off towards a Surface 3 device on your website. I’m interested to whether you be able to also do this in-stores but I wouldn’t see why not. if you aren’t using it and don’t feel like going through the hassle of selling it I don’t see why not. You could at least use it to cover the price of a Type Cover right?



The Surface 3 is available starting at $499 and up at Microsoft Store and various other retailers.

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