Ooma_Web_Carousel-Slide-v1-Works-with-Nest-980px~2 Nest recently announced a few companies that now were apart of its Work With Nest program, and to my surprise one of them was Ooma. Ooma has been a company I have used since 2007 and I love their product the Ooma Telo. Just as a little background, Ooma is a VoIP (Voice Over IP) solution. They offer unlimited local and long distance calls with great rates on international calls when you buy one of their products.

With the Works With Nest program, the Ooma Telo can now do some very cool things once linked with your Nest system. Some of these include:

– Forward your calls to your mobile: When you set your Nest thermostat to away, it can then have Ooma send your calls to your mobile phone. And then back to Ooma when Nest returns to the home state.

– Receive a call when your smoke alarm is triggered: If you own a Nest Protect device, if there is a smoke alarm Nest Protect can have Ooma call your phone. You can even have it call emergency services.

– Receive a call when things don’t go as planned: With the occupancy sensors in Nest devices, Ooma can call you if a family member doesn’t arrive within a specific amount of time. This could be a child who should return from school from by a certain time or an elderly parent who should be rising to start the day by a certain time. This allows you to be notified and take appropriate action.

These features are available now if you have a Nest and Ooma device, though you will need to be a Premier member to use these new functions. Nest is slowly building out the partnerships to its Works With Nest program and fastly become a central piece to your smart home solution. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on Nest and its new partnerships!

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