This is going to be a rather quick review seeing as neither of these items are really all that technical and are really more like accessories that you don’t necessarily need, but they are nice to have. These items are coming from MOS, a company whose name means Magnetic Organization System. What we have here today is a follow up of their original MOS, the MOS Menos, and their newer Spring cables.

MOS Menos

menos_03The MOS Menos is basically a much smaller version of their original MOS design that is designed to be more portable and more versatile. The Menos is a stylish little triangular dome with a very strong magnet built into it. The main purpose of the Menos is so that you can keep your cables organized by magnetically attaching them to the Menos when not in use.

There’s not much else to the MOS Menos. You can either attach it permanently to your table or wall or you can just carry it around with you and use it to organize your wires if you’re using it in conjunction with your laptop or other portable devices. If you have cables that don’t have magnetic tips, you can opt to get the MOS Spring Cables or use the magnetic adapter that comes with the MOS Menos.

The MOS Menos a slick little device that helps you stay organized in one of the most minimalistic ways I’ve seen. I will say, the magnet in the MOS Menos are super strong. They will even stick to walls with metal supports in them as well as refrigerators.

MOS Spring Cables

The MOS Spring Cables are what I would call “premium” cables for all your devices. These aren’t the cheapy plastic looking cables you usually see that come packed in with your devices. I received three different types of Spring cables from MOS to try out – a Lightning cable, an AUX cable, and a micro USB cable.

SW-30550_1All three of these cables have similar features. They all feature braided lines for durability, aluminum heads for strength, and a metal spring at the ends for strain relief. The main feature of these cables is that metal spring. It’s something I’ve never seen before with other cables and its something that is put into place in order to make this part of the cable less susceptible to damage. The part where the cable attaches to the head is one of the weakest parts of a traditional cable and one that usually detaches itself after a period of time. It doesn’t happen with the Spring cables. Most people try to pull a cable off using the “line” part instead of the cable head, which is the wrong way to do it. With the spring in place though, it reduces the tension in this area thus pretty much eliminating any damage that could be caused here. It’s a pretty neat feature and one that could possibly save you some money in the future when you don’t have to keep replacing cables.

SW-30450_2While the Lightning, AUX, and micro USB cables all have the same basic features, it’s surprising to see that there are two different kinds of braided lines. On the Spring Audio aux cable, it’s a woven cable that is made of some kind of cloth. It has a softer feel than what is found on the Spring Lightning and Spring micro USB cables. On those, the braid is of a harder material, almost like tiny braided steel lines. I’m not sure what it actually is, but it feels tough and durable.

Of note to Apple iPhone and iPad users, you’ll be happy to know that the MOS Spring Lightning cable is a certified, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod product.

Spring_USB_ChairDurability_2000 Spring_Audio_Pink_Tablet_2000 menos_02

Final Thoughts


I wouldn’t call the MOS Menos of the MOS Spring Cables must have items, but I will call them a must have extra if you like high quality accessories to go with your high quality gear. I’ve used other high quality cables before, but I think the MOS Spring Cables are by far the best. The springs at the ends really are unique features and the braided lines add a touch of class and elegance. It’s also a huge plus that the MOS Lightning Spring Cable is certified MFI accessory which means it will work flawlessly with your Apple devices.

As for the MOS Menos, it’s quite a useful little thing. I never thought I would need something that could keep my cables in place when not in use but it really does come in handy. It’s a small luxury item that isn’t necessary, but once you start using it, you’ll wonder what you ever did without one.

The MOS Menos and MOS Spring Cables can be purchased directly from the MOS website here. They are both fairly inexpensive and though the cables are more expensive than typical cables, they are very well made and of are super high quality.

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