Bluetooth speakers are really a dime a dozen now a day. I mean any major (or minor for that matter) company has a Bluetooth speaker on the shelf waiting for purchase. I sometimes think of Bluetooth speakers as iPhone cases. I mean a ton of companies have them. Most offer the same features. Bluetooth check, NFC check, alleged long last battery, check. So what makes the new SOL REPUBLIC Ultra Deck stand out in a crowd of wireless speakers?

SOL REPUBLIC has always been a brand that has created some cool devices since their launch. We are big fans of their headphones, but now their Bluetooth Speaker line has been a crowd favorite as well. So let’s take a look to see how the last Ultra model builds onto on the Deck line.


When it comes to looks the DECK ULTRA doesn’t stray from the previous look. But this isn’t a bad thing, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. The DECK was a simple looking speaker with just enough design flair to make it cool looking. The design was subtle and because of this simply cool. The ULTRA continues with this same look. The only changes in look were a slightly larger frame to accommodate the updated more powerful components.

The extra bulk doesn’t add any negative to the ULTRA, and because of this in the look department the ULTRA is simple and good looking. I like the low profile of the DECK ULTRA as I don’t have to worry about it being the center of attention for anything other than the music!

Sound & Tech

When listening to the DECK ULTRA you’ll be blown away by the sound coming from this thing. SOL REPUBLIC made a few changes to it for the better. This was definitely the right move. That larger size made room for some larger drivers which gives the new DECK 2x louder sound. The bass bumps in the ULTRA but not at the sacrifice of the mids or highs. The ULTRA does great in both its indoor and outdoor mode. These modes change the volume range to allow the ULTRA to be heard better when outside compared to inside. Both modes sounds very good and keep the party going!

When it comes to new tech, SOL REPUBLIC has added a good amount of new features with the DECK ULTRA. The ULTRA expands on the DECK with a longer battery, up to 22 hours which is 2x the battery life of the original Deck. It also expanded on the range from the original DECK, with a 450-foot Bluetooth connection range. This means you can move around a little more and not be tied down to the location closet to the DECK. In practice I see a little cut out close than the 450 foot mark, but it may depend on your surroundings as well. The newer DECK ULTRA still has Heist Mode so this hasn’t gone away, and this allows up to five users connect their wireless device to the speaker.

Rounding out the features is the Outdoor mode which gives a boost to the sound so all can hear better, and the ability to use the ULTRA as a speaker phone. With the speaker phone feature, the ULTRA will cut off the music when a calls comes, but will let that beat drop when the call has ended. All in all, great features.


I’ve never owned the original DECK, we reviewed it here at on G Style, but his was done by Jason Million. When I heard him using it immediately caught my attention, so I had to check out this one. The DECK ULTRA is lightweight, easy to carry, and small enough to toss in your backpack. This made using it out and about just as easy as when I was in the house.

The ULTRA sounds great. I keep it right on my nightstand, and works very well on indoor mode, and it fairly very good with outdoor mode. I even had to turn it down some when moving around. I once was listening to music in the house, and then want to hear some music while taking the dog out to do her business. I chilled out listening to music while I waited and the sounds was good with all the other surrounding noise. There were moment where the surrounding noise was louder than the ULTRA but I was able to manage. Overall the DECK ULTRA is one sweet Bluetooth speaker, one I’ve been wanting to get my hands on. I do quite enjoy using it and think the additions to it over the original add much value to it.

Wrap Up

The DECK ULTRA will run you $149.99 and it is a great choice in the sea of Bluetooth speakers. Simple subtle style, great sound, and a strong last battery all make for a goo selection.

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