Even though there are hundreds of panels, exhibits and even some game demos, you be surprised how many attendees come just to dress up and show off their costumes. Some look like they were worked on pretty hard and a lot of effort was put into them while others not so much. Cosplay(costume play) is one of the main spectacles at most Comic Cons(not just New York) and we did see some that were pretty impressive.

Here are some of the characters in cosplay making the rounds at New York Comic Con 2014:

Image by @r0bskii


Wolverine, X-23


Dr Who

Mortal Kombat
Image by @r0bskii


Metal Gear Solid

Silent Hill

Power Rangers
Image by @r0bskii

Poison Ivy



Lex Luthor

Mortal Kombat

Harley Quinn

Guardians of the Galaxy

Freddy Kruger

Donnie Darko

Spider Man

Image by @r0bskii

Mortal Kombat

Cosplay at Comic Con

Cosplay at Comic Con 3

Cosplay at Comic Con  2

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Avengers

Street Fighter

Burger King

Star Wars

Image by @r0bskii

Blank Panther

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