It’s pretty difficult these days to differentiate yourself in the earphones market. There are literally hundreds of companies making earphones now and many of them are very similar. Go down to your local retail store and just count how many choices you have and how many all look the same with identical specs & features. To this degree, the only real difference between many of these is just price which might not be the best way to buy your earphones. However, every so often you come across a product that not only catches your attention with a rather interesting new feature you’ve never seen before, but it’s also reasonably priced for what it provides. For instance, you’ve probably never heard of Zipbuds before and their tangle free Juiced 2.0, but I guarantee that after reading about them here, you’ll probably want to get yourself a pair if you’re tired of constantly unraveling your tangled mess you call earphones.


This is the area where the Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 really shines and is the one feature that differentiates itself from all other earphones out there.You see, the name Zipbuds comes from the fact that these Juiced 2.0 earphones have a zipper built into the upper portion of the earphones where the wire splits into two for the left and right earbuds.  That’s right, a zipper. You can zip it all the way down so that it fits your head and ears and then zip them back up a bit for a better, tighter fit. This keeps the cabling much tidier.

3-glowWhen you’re done using your Zipbuds Juiced 2.0, you just zip them back up, roll them up, and put them in your pocket or bag. The zipper guarantees that you will no longer have tangled earbuds, which is usually what you get with other earphones. It’s an inconvenience that doesn’t happen with these.

Of course that’s not the only feature the Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 have. The earbuds them selves are ergonomically shaped with what they call “ComfortFit2” in which the earbuds are angled for a more secure and comfortable fit. Each earbud features a 10mm audio driver that is said to deliver a wide frequency of sounds from deep bass to clear highs.


For starters, I won’t really delve too deeply in the way these Juiced 2.0 sound. I will only say that they are actually very excellent sounding with very distinct highs, mids, and lows. The highs are very clear and the bass is sufficiently deep for such a small package. Overall, the sound quality will not be a disappointment for many. I rather enjoyed what I heard.

brighterWhat I’ll also tell you is that these Juiced 2.0 are super comfortable to wear. I usually dislike standard earphones because they hurt my ear after prolonged use. The really bad ones hurt my ears after only a few minutes. They don’t seem any different from your standard earphones except for the slight bend in the earbuds, but somehow that makes all the difference as these are significantly more comfortable after longer periods of time.

Now onto the main reason why you’d buy these, the zipper. This is a pretty ingenious way of keeping the cord from getting tangled. Usually with earphones, the portion where the wire splits into the separate earbuds always gets tangled if you don’t store them correctly. Even when you do attempt to store them properly, there’s always that chance that they’ll get tangled and you have to sit there spend a few minutes untangling them. With these, you never have to worry about that. Basically when you’re done using them, just zip them up and you can roll the rest up in your hand. When you unroll them to use, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lack of tangles.

Final Thoughts

I really like these Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 earphones. I’m usually not a fan of earphones, mainly because of comfort reasons, but these are actually quite pleasant. There are times when you don’t want to carry around large headphones and earphones are just much easier to carry around in your pocket. Problem with that is that they get tangled easily. The Juiced 2.0 solves this with its ingenious zipper mechanism. The zipper works well and is very smooth in use and this particular one I got even glows in the dark.

Not only that, these actually sound quite good even though I’m sure most of you have never heard of Zipbuds before. These even rival that of other well known audio brands. The only downside to these is that the Juiced 2.0 is strictly for audio use only. There is no inline remote or mic so if you’re using them on your smartphone and a call comes in or if you want to control your audio, you’ll have to do it with your device. Other than that though, these are great for what they are. They are not that expensive either with a retail price of less than $25. If you need one with a mic, there is the Zipbuds PRO which is very similar to these, but cost a little more for the added mic and inline remote.

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