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Always showing our love for music here at G Style we take a listen to a new company on the horizon called A-Audio. A-Audio was founded in Miami by local entrepreneur Christian Lacovelli who wanted to give you a stylish pair of headphones which took inspiration from cars and timepieces to create this product geared more towards that male lifestyle. Also there is three settings on here for music such as Passive Audio, Active Noise Cancel, and Bass Enhancer. Does this combo of style and sound create the perfect headphone?


A-Audio Legacy Headphones 2You cant help but notice the design and work put into a pair of A-Audio Legacy Headphones. The pair I’m reviewing has a matte black coloring with a slight accent of silver on the “A” insignia embossed on each earcup. If you pull back one the lid on the left cup you will notice it uses 2 AAA batteries that come with the device. What does batteries do is provide extended audio options such as ANC and Bass Enhancer which can be accessed via a switch on the right ear. The ear cups are compromised of cushioned memory foam with the headband being plush as well. You be surprised how comfy these actually feel on your head.

A design feature I like about the A-Audio Legacy headphones is you have the option of making the headphones go into a collapsible position or can lay them flat out. If you put them flat out they can be stored in their accompanied luxe case which can also store an included cleaning cloth, additional audio cables and gold-plated adapter.


A-Audio Legacy Headphones Case 2So while they have the loud styling hows the actual sound? The A-Audio Legacy Headphones have 40mm drivers and has what they are calling 3-Stage Technology. Seeing that these are over the ear headphones I mostly used the passive audio setting. Sound is clear and I can hear every tidbit of vocals and effects used in such tracks as Eminem’s “Guts Over Fear”. Pumping up “Free the Madness” by Steve Aoki I felt like I was back at Made in America going crazy with the crowd. While bass could be desired that’s where we get into the next settings.

If you push the switch up one, you will be put into ANC mode. Doing this will suck your ears into the music and block everything out around you. I literally couldn’t hear anything. Push that switch up once more and you will get that bass with the Bass Enhancer you may have been desiring from the previous sound modes.

3-Stage Technology on the A-Audio Legacy Headphones is there to cater to each person’s listening preference. Some like good old sound and others like to disconnect from everything around them and then there are those who just want booming bass with everything they listen to.



When I first saw them, I automatically shot them down as having more style then anything. But wearing them and listening to various music ranging from hip hop to EDM they have impressed my ears. The headphones while they do feel slightly big don’t feel like they bring discomfort. I personally prefer the normal setting over all the other ones. But they are good to have in case I feel like venturing out once in a while. I’m not a big fan of the switch always lit up whether it’s in green or blue. It’s not blinking or anything but never cared for lights on my headphones whether flashing or not.

A-Audio Legacy Headphones Case

Battery life has been decent and using them the past couple of weeks on and off I haven’t had to change them. I still prefer built-in charging. Good thing is even if the battery dies while the ANC/Bass modes won’t work you can still use the regular mode. Some headphones like Beats will have their headphones die then your are left hanging

Legacy to Follow?

A-Audio’s Legacy Headphones are a nice entry into the already overcrowded headphones market. They look to stand out with their styling and their sound is pretty good. Being that they are priced at $299.99 it may deter some from buying even though you have some over the ears from bigger names like JBL Synchros S700 or Beats By Dre’s Studio Wireless pushing pass that price point also. I’d say definitely give them a listen and see if they can really catch your ear which I think they might.

The A-Audio Legacy Over-Ear Headphones are available in Liquid Chrome and Phantom Black and are $299.99.


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