This will be our second time covering an Inateck product and this time, it’s a protective case/sleeve for your 13″ MacBook Pro or 11″ MacBook AIR. The sleeve is called the Inateck MP1303 and features High-quality green felt outside and soft flannel inside material. This is a unique material not usually used for sleeves so it’s something of an eye catcher when you do see it. In my experience, most sleeves are made of something like padded neoprene and only in basic black so if you want to have something a bit different from the norm, the Inateck MP1303 might be just what you’re looking for.


c54bf01965092530baf24475fa1b84c5Like stated above, the entire case is made of felt with the inside lined with soft flannel. The felt itself is very soft and also fairly thick. The one I got was of a grey color, though it also comes in an attractive green color. Stitching on the case looks like it should hold up fairly well and I didn’t notice any areas around the case where there might be trouble with breakage. Of course with an item like this, only time and usage will tell if it will hold up over time. My version of the MP1303 also includes an elastic black strap on the front that is used to keep the flap secure. The flap is fairly large so it will not come undone from the elastic strap when carried or placed in a bag.

Inside, there is a lining of grey flannel. It is very soft and almost silky in touch. Your MacBook Pro or Air should slide smoothly into the case because of this and because the flannel is so soft, it will not scratch up your device. This is an issue with many as most of you probably want to keep your laptop looking pristine. The MP1303 looks like a case that will definitely keep your MacBook free of scratches.

The MP1303 doesn’t just hold your MacBoo though. There is a pocket inside large enough to hold a magazine or any loose papers you might have. On the back of the sleeve, there are two more pockets that can be used to hold your phone, small notepad, or anything else that is flat and small. These extra pockets are also flannel lined so whatever else you put in them will not get scratched up either.


  • Rubber Elastic tape sealing for easy opening and closing; High-quality felt outside and soft flannel inside
  • Practical design and exquisite workmanship; Environmentally friendly material. Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable
  • Dimensions: 35cm * 25cm, Fit for Apple 13.3 Inch MacBook Pro Retina and most 11-Inch Ultrabook Laptop Macbook
  • One main compartment for laptop and second compartment for magazines, books, tablet, etc.; Two back pockets lined with flannel for cellphone, earphones, wallet, etc.
  • Lining material is mold-proof, wear-resisting and does not scratch the computer; Felt absorbs shock and protects your device at all times


The Inateck MP1303 is a very attractive sleeve to use. The grey felt material gives it a completely different look from other sleeves on the market and has a very classy look to it. I tried out the sleeve with a 13-inch MacBook Pro and it will easily slide into the sleeve. It’s a bit of a tight fit at first use, but the case will loosen up a bit after continued use. I suggest inserting the MacBook from its thinnest side first.


The felt is relatively thick, though the case itself has a very slim profile. Protection from the case is decent and is more than what you would get not using a case. The felt has a bit of cushioning to it and will provide a bit of shock absorbancy. However, if you’re looking for a sleeve that will provide “Superman” levels of protection from drops, this isn’t the case for you. This is a soft case and will provide minimal protection from large drops, but is decent for protecting your MacBook from small bumps and scratches as well drops from very low heights.

On the plus side, the slim profile of the case means it will easily fit into any bag or purse you were using before to hold your MacBook and the felt itself provides much better grip than an unprotected MacBook so it makes it easier to hold as well.


As a bonus for purchasing the Inateck MP1303, they will also throw in a small felt bag in the exact same material and look at the sleeve. The bag however lacks the flannel lining, but for accessories, it’s probably not necessary to have the lining. The felt is soft enough for these. The bag can be used for holding your MacBook charger, an extra mouse, or whatever else you want it to hold.

Final Thoughts

I really like the Inateck MP1303 MacBook Sleeve. It’s light, form fitting, and very attractive. It’s something that will help you stand out from the crowd when carrying around your MacBook and looks a lot more classy than your typical neoprene style sleeve. The materials used are very high in quality and also features a a high quality build. The only thing slightly lacking with the case is protection from big drops, but even with a much beefier case, I’d still be weary about dropping a MacBook just because I could.

Overall, the Inateck MP1303 Sleeve is a fantastically simple, elegant case for your MacBook AIR or MacBook Pro. Not only that, the sleeve itself is very inexpensive. a A quick look over at their official shop on Amazon shows that it is only around $17.00, which is a very good price for a MacBook sleeve.

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