Since late last year we been seeing JBL popping up more and more with taking a different approach to headphones and even speaker. Their portable speakers have done everything from charge your phone to giving you a groovy light show, while their on-ear headphones have given you a livestage to listen to. JBL has now been working on their in-ear game with their Synchros Reflect Series. We recently covered the JBL Synchros Reflect which are sweatproof, have an adjustable cable and wired. The JBL Synchros Reflect BT takes this mix of tech ingredients and gives it a wireless touch.


JBL-Synchros-Reflect-BT-Headphones-5While most in-ear headphones or earbuds you just pop in your ears, the Reflect BT have a bit more to them. They for one have ergonomic ear tips that curve into your ear and also around your ear canal. This is to help secure them from falling out even while doing workouts or hard activities. Took a bit to adapt them but they are quite comfy once getting used to. Not once did they feel like they would fall out.

Besides the eartips, the Reflect BT look isn’t too flashy as there is only so much you can do. They both show the JBL logo and the right ear has a flap for microUSB charging. The audio cable has an adjustable band for length and is also reflective which is good if you are taking a jog late at night. The way the Reflects are designed is to go around the back of your neck and then loop around and go into your ears. This gives you almost a look of having no wires present. There is a magnetic connection in the base of each earbud which you can connect whether you have them around your neck or not to secure them when not listening to tunes.


JBL-Synchros-Reflect-BT-Headphones-4I’m very selectable about in-ear headphones and they don’t rub me the way the first time I tend to just give them the heave-ho. It could be attributed to my little ears and earbuds just not staying in there. At first glance I saw the design of the Reflect BT and didn’t think I like them. But popping them in my ear and configuring them to fitting within my ear canal I have grown to like them. They have the JBL sound profile down pact and I can definitely be in the zone when working out or going on a nice run. You want to make sure you do adjust the cable accordingly or it can be uncomfortable as I had the volume/power controls button laying on my neck until I extended the wiring. After making these adjustments I did use them for extended amounts of time and didnt feel any discomfort.

Battery life has been pretty good on them with me getting close five hours of use on them and battery still seemed to be good. I did notice there isn’t a sleep or offline mode which had them running maybe for 12 hours on standby. They were unexpectedly still thriving in battery life though. Using them heavy gave me about five to six hours of battery life I felt.

Run & Reflect?


The JBL Synchros Reflect BT have dynamic sound in such a small pair of headphones and should keep any casual music listener happy. You may want to pick them up in other colors as the black color is pretty basic and doesn’t help the headphones pop out in any way. Unless you don’t want that attention then you should be good to go.

The JBL Synchros Reflect BT are $99.99 and show in pre-order on their website but I do see other sites are showing them as available to purchase. Color choices are Green, Blue, Red and Black.

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