Damson Head Bones


Damson has been slowly trying to make their mark in the audio industry and may have got their foot in the door with these headphones or should I call them “Headbones”. They are wireless bluetooth headphones that work through vibrations into the temporal bone. This is called Bone Conduction and you may have seen in another popular tech headset which has been around for the past year by the name of Google Glass.

Damson Headbones

I did check them out briefly at CE Week and they are pretty light and go around your ears pretty easy. They also have the options to use earbuds as well. While there at CE Week I did see them garner a lot of attention with the hearing impaired and they were pretty fascinated with the headset.

What makes the Damson Headbones a product to check out is you can take calls on it, listen to music and even listen to what’s going around you and not miss anything. Also bone conduction is supposed to be better than using your ears and can combat future hearing loss. Right now Damson has been pushing the Headbones via Kickstarter and consumers are able to pledge for Headbones in various scenarios. I’m a big lover of listening to my music in fun and exciting new ways and hope to get some good hands-on with some Headbones in the near future.

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