At the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, Cadillac revealed the new 2015 Cadillac ATC coupe and it was a sexy looking vehicle. But before we get our hands on that, not too long ago we took a close and personal look at the CTS. This is another vehicle in Cadillac’s line that just brings the sex appeal when it comes to luxury cars. Not only luxury but a touch of edge as well. We generally have many good things to say when it comes to Cadillac cars, so does this continue with the CTS?


Again Cadillac has done and continues to do a great job with their line of vehicles. The CTS is no different. The CTS is a HOT car to cast your gaze upon. The sharp lines and styling from the front flowing to the back is captivating. This is a car that stands out in a crowd. It is also one you take notice of as you seen it approaching from a distance. One highlight I’ll make from the exterior would be the headlines on the CTS. Looking both very modern and futuristic, the headlights look beautiful!

Then once you sit inside, the styling equally holds your attention. There is nothing that doesn’t look or feel premium on the inside of the CTS. From the dashboard to the center console, to the leather seats and door handles, the CTS is a sexy car inside and out! My highlight for the inside would definitely have to be the infotainment console. It looks uber modern and something that is very distinctive when you first see it inside.


You guys know I love my tech, and Cadillac never disappoints. All the features I feel at least should be standard by now in a car is present. Heated seats, dual climate control, Bluetooth for calls and streaming of music from your phone are present and accounted for. The CTS also uses the CUE system, which is Cadillac’s infotainment console. I’m a fan of CUE (and not just because it reminds me of TRON lol). Every so often it has a mind of its open, but overall I would put it up there with some of the top infotainment systems.


Driving around in the Cadillac CTS was a pleasant experience. Upon getting in I was quickly able to connect my phone and have access to my phone for making calls and listening to music. Once I got that all set up and squared away, I able to focus on just driving. The CTS is a sport sedan, make no mistake about it. The CTS has pick up! I love being in a car that has good acceleration. I’m not a speed demon, but I like to know when I hit my foot on that gas pedal my car is going to go! If there is a lag time in acceleration when I push down on the pedal, that is definitely a turn off for me. I need that instant feedback to what I’m doing. With the CTS I have that feedback.

The Cadillac CTS is good on handling as well. During my time with the CTS, I spent some time up in Chester, NY and at some point I hit some mountain type narrow and winding roads. I felt confident driving along these roads while in the CTS. It had a good response to my commands and the ride was comfortable and smooth. At no time did I feel as if the CTS would have any issues along the way.

Overall the CTS is a vehicle I could see myself driving. It is comfortable, sexy, good on acceleration and handling, and has a ratio of luxury to edge. I like a car to have some distinctive look or edge to it, and the CTS has it!

Wrap Up

The 2014 Cadillac CTS has a price range from $45,100 to $72,300 depending on how you equip it. Once again, the handling is good, acceleration on point, and a look of style so sharp it can capture a glance. If you’re looking for a luxury sedan, I wouldn’t be steering you wrong by saying have a look at the Cadillac CTS.

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