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In 2012 we started to see the rise of Ultrabooks and becoming more of an affordable price. Also around that time we seen the release of Windows 8 which was optimized for touch screens. With this we saw PC manufacturers scramble to try and create unique ways of using Windows latest OS on their devices. One ultrabook that raised some eyebrows was the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13. It was a interesting piece of machinery as it enabled you to use the ultrabook in so many form factors and build it into everyday life. It was touted as a breath of fresh air into the laptop category and being able to use it as a tablet was a terrific complimentary as well. With its latest iteration is the Yoga Pro 2 pure enough to be used by you daily?



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When first picking up the Yoga Pro 2 it looks like your ordinary laptop/ultrabook and has a great feel to it when you have it closed and in hand. It feels like rubberized material on the top and bottom of the device. It does give just enough grip so it doesn’t feel like it could slip out your hands though. Speaking of hands, weighing in at 3 lbs you shouldn’t have any issues doing one handed activities at ease.

Since this is the Yoga Pro 2 then you may or may not be aware of the four modes in which you can set this device up such as:

Laptop Mode: This is your typical mode that you been accustomed to using forever. You do your usual productivity such as typing(i’m using it to actually do this article), do some research and other everyday functions.
Tent Mode: By putting in a pyramid position you are able to focus mainly on the screen with the keys behind it and nothing else in sight. This mode is great for playing games or say you are in the kitchen cooking something up and need that recipe front and center for your viewing pleasure.
Stand Mode: One of my favorite modes to use if you’re a huge consumer of media. Boot up Netflix or Hulu and watch your programs on the glorious HD display standing right in front of you. Also is good for Skype as well or other video conferencing.
Tablet Mode: I imagine you have used a tablet once in your life and should be right at home with this. Giving you full fledged Windows 8 compared to some of those Windows RT tablets out there you can do everything and anything you want and feel comfortable accomplishing these tasks. I love it for reading articles and tend to put it in portrait mode to achieve these goals.



Opening up the Yoga Pro 2 you cant help but stare at its beautiful Quad HD+ 13″ display. The fact that its touchscreen and you get full on interactions with it on Windows 8 is satisfying. Using it with various apps or watching some HD clips on YouTube look awesome. Under that is a big Windows symbol which is touch enabled and brings you back and forth between Windows 8 Mode and Desktop Mode in a single press. Typing on the AccuType keyboard does take some getting used to as the keys are slightly more spaced out then the norm. Great thing about the keyboard is that does provide backlight for those long nights you might be in the dark.

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Under the hood is a 4th Gen Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD drive. Of course if you order it from Lenovo there are different variations and will cost you more money depending on what fits your needs. The webcam is 720p which I have used and it has been good doing video chat on such apps such as Skype with no problem. As far as ports are concerned there is one for USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, headphone jack, microHDMI port and a slot for a SD card. I’d preferred if they made them both USB 3.0 and don’t understand exactly why not. Sound is pushed out of two speaker grills on the front bottom of the ultrabook and are equipped with Dolby Digital surround sound. Based on the Yoga Pro 2’s ergonomic functions and design no matter how you fold it it produced nice sound quality.



To get a great feel of the Yoga Pro 2 I used it as my main device for doing work on at CES 2014 last month. It held up pretty well as carrying it wasnt a burden being that it was built so slim and light and didn’t feel fatigued by it compared to other devices. Connecting to WIFI on the numerous hotspots didnt pose a threat and just doing plain work on it was a pleasure. Its fast processing power helped getting my tasks done without a hiccup. I do feel the battery could be a bit stronger as I seen some cases I may get 5-6 hours of extensive use out of it before I needed to reach for the power plugs. Also I wish the keys weren’t exposed when in any other mode besides laptop mode. I do see there are slip cases you can purchase to eliminate these minor issues though.

One issue you may experience with the Yoga Pro 2 is that its high res display maybe TOO good. I didn’t come across much but using it with Google Chrome had caused a issue and I had to go into their settings to fix it. Internet Explorer of course gave no problems whatsoever but that’s not my browser of choice and wasn’t going to be either for this outing. Using the Windows 8 touch apps such as ESPN or AccuWeather worked fine, and one of my favorite Windows 8 options which is the Multi-Window option was fluid.


Final Thoughts

Everything from its design and strong hardware capabilities make it worthwhile of trying out. Only thing that may cause issues is the app compatibility issues with the screen and just felt the battery life could of been a bit stronger. The Yoga Pro 2 gives you so many options to enhance your PC experience its hard to not pick it up.
If you get a chance try out the Yoga Pro 2 by Lenovo and you might not be able to go back to your regular laptop lifestyle.

Depending where you look the pricing of the Yoga Pro 2 can start from $1,000$1,049 depending on your shopper prowess and can go up if you feel the need for beefier specs.

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