3dgo_large_verge_medium_landscape People this is truly a first here at G Style Magazine and for myself personally! My general theme when it comes to 3D is I’m not really for it. My problems with 3D comes down to the following

– There is no easy accessible content for it.
– If you want to watch content with friends, whose got the glasses
– Premiums charged for 3D content.

Because of this whenever I hear 3D mentioned, I normally go deaf and my eyes glaze over. I however was in for quite a surprise when I met with the 3DGO team at their hotel in Manhattan last week. During my visit they showed me their 3DG0 service. Built by SENSIO Technologies, 3DGO! is the only dedicated internet streaming 3D VOD channel offering you the best 3D experience at home with an instant access to the largest movie choice in high-quality 3D.

The 3DGO! Services works via the embedded app in your SmartTV. So no additional box to install, if you have a SmartTV (currently they are partnered with Vizio) you’ll see 3DGO! among the list of apps like Amazon Prime, NetFlix, YouTube and the like. Once you sign up on their site www.3dgo.com, you enter in a device ID number from the app on your TV and you’re done.


Once you’re connected and launch the app you can currently choose from a selection of about 60+ 3D titles of high quality. This isn’t the wack movies you probably wouldn’t want to watch, but selections from Disney, Dreamworks, National Geographic and more.

VizioM55 Right now 3DGO! is partnered with Vizio and will be an embedded app with all of their current SmartTV. I was able to check this out on the new Vizo M-Series Razer LED SmartTv with Theater 3D over the weekend. I selected the film “Oz, The Great and Powerful”. The experience all around was great. Over my Verizon FIOS connection it plays continuously with no buffering or hang up. And the quality was impressive. The experience was just as compelling as watching it in the movie theaters. Now 3DGO! isn’t a subscription service like a Netflix, but more like a pay as you watch like VUDU. The price points were $5.99 for titles that have passed that “new” film release window, and $7.99 for new releases.

I’ll be the first one to say I’m not a fan of 3D for the reasons I listed above, but 3DGO! has provided an easily accessible channel for 3D consumption, has great titles, and is offering it at a price point that isn’t hard on the pocket. Will I use the 3DGO! channel on the TV more often? You better believe it, next I’m going to watch Tron Legacy again, but in 3D! Check out 3DGO! at www.3dgo.com

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