There are tons of cases out there and often times, it seems almost impossible to find one that is unique and interesting considering how many cases out there look alike. Once in a while though, you find one that immediately catches your attention and I think PureGear has a line of cases that are just that. These are PureGear’s line of Retro Gaming cases for the Galaxy S4

There are 3 styles available, the Groovy, Amazing, and Undecided. Each feature some kind of retro gaming theme like mazes or classic pachinko and are all interactive and can be played. This makes them very unique and very interesting.


GROOVY “Groovy” doubles as a Galaxy S4 case and a hypnotic, concentric maze in vibrant shades of blue and green. It’s as addictive as your favorite game apps – and extremely handy in situations where reception is spotty or your battery is low.


Amazing “Amazing” features a traditional labyrinth-style maze in hues of turquoise and red. Whether you enjoy it yourself or share it with a friend or child, it’s great to play on a plane, in a waiting room, or anytime you want to experience life before the digital age. Simply navigate the ball through the challenging maze from start to finish.


UNDECIDED“Undecided” combines the best of retro favorites like Pinball and the Magic 8 Ball in enticing shades of orange and pink. Ask it a question, and the ball will land on “yes” or “no”. It’s a great party game, and is indispensable on days when you’ve forgotten to charge your phone.

For more information on these PureGear cases, check out the full press release below.

Press Release

Irwindale, CA – July 3, 2013 – Experience old school retro gaming fun this summer with the newly inspired Retro Game Case product line by PureGear. Galaxy S4 users can now experience a mind-bending twist as they maneuver the ball through colorful winding mazes or a pinball game from the back of their phones.

“At PureGear, we believe that wireless technology should simplify your life and be fun, not weigh it down,” says Christine Manlapeg, Brand Director. This is why we design reliable mobile device accessories with added features and benefits that make sense – for work or play.”

The cases come in three varieties, “Groovy”, “Amazing” and “Undecided” and feature a sturdy, flexible case design for protection with a twist.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 owners alike can now pick up a PureGear Retro Game case for $29.99 MSRP at and a variety of retail stores. Don’t forget to check out our PureGear Retro Game Case Video here:

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About PureGear:
At PureGear, we believe that wireless technology should simplify your life, not weigh it down. This is why we design reliable mobile device accessories that complement today’s demanding, on-the-go lifestyles. Our products are designed with added features and benefits that make sense – for work or play. We’re also committed to providing you with premium quality at an affordable price. After all, we understand that devices change faster than your kids’ favorite toys, the latest diet fads…possibly even the stock market. With this in mind, it is our goal at PureGear to simply enrich your everyday mobile life experiences while respecting your wallet and our world.

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