HTC the One - Presents Pharrell Live - Daft Punk - Get Lucky
HTC really wants you to know about their new flagship device the HTC One. Trying to gain a big piece of the Android market, they have been pulling all the stops to show you what a great smartphone the One is. Along with more commercials and other advertisements, HTC has also been pushing a Live Experience Tour. Showcasing “everything your phone isn’t“, the HTC Live Experience Tour will give consumers a chance to get a quick hands on with the one, and check out its more standout features.

HTC the One - Get Lucky - Pharrell - Posterboard - Daft Punk - Get Lucky
HTC USA and LiveNation also came together to offer exclusive concerts. That is always a win with consumers! They announced concerts in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago AKA HTC the One Concerts. In New York, they had Pharrell perform at House of Vans in Greenpoint, Brooklyn last Friday (April 19th). I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Pharrell concert and I attended with a few of my colleagues.

House of Vans was a great venue for Pharrell to perform given his passion for skateboarding. Everyone had a pretty much a good view of the stage. He performed most of his major hits, from tracks that he produced, appeared on and even from his own albums with his band N.E.R.D. Pharrell had stated that he had a surprise for the concert guests prior to the performance date. Most fans knew he was referring to his collaboration with Daft Punk. Many were anxious to see what it was and hear the new material. The entire show was live streamed through YouTube.

After performing his major hits and productions, Pharrell riled up the crowd by talking about his recent collabo with Daft Punk. It’s been eight years since Daft Punk released a track (non-soundtrack since “Human After All“) , and their fans were anxiously awaiting their comeback. Pharrell performed Daft Punk’s lead off track from their new album, Random Access Memories, “Get Lucky”, not once, not twice, but three times at House of Vans. Unsurprisingly, the song quickly climbed the charts throughout the weekend. It set the record for “biggest streaming day for a single track” in both the US and UK on Spotify. Daft Punk’s entire Album Random Access Memories will be out on May 21st.
Daft Punk Feat Pharrell Get Lucky - Random Access Memories Album May 21 - HTC One

“Man these guys that made this record, they’re like so far beyond their time. I’m honored to know those guys, those robots”, “We just had a lot of incredible history together. So when they called me over the summer, I just remembered thinking one thing. . . .”Try to get lucky, right?” –  Pharrell

I probably helped launch the track through the Spotify record-setting, as I played the track all weekend. The disco-funk beat is extremely catchy. You’ll definitely hear this song all Spring and Summer long.

Take a listen to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” (the album version) and let us know if this track makes you look forward to their upcoming album Random Access Memories. Enjoy!

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