Earlier this year during CES Jabra, with the help of Rev Run and DJ Ruckus, announced a new line of stereo headphones. Jabra Revo Wireless, Jabra (corded) Revo and Jabra Vox (in ear) further expanding their lifestyle music category and featuring durable design, built for comfort and Dolby digital plus sound.

Jabra was gracious enough to send us both the Vox and Revo Wireless for review. So how do they stand up to the heavy hitters ?

First Impressions

I normally steer clear of in ear headphones as they tend to hurt my ears and the included ear gels never help. Jabra Vox, comes with perfectly fitting specially designed ColorCore eargels for enhanced comfort and sound. Engineered specifically to remain comfortable during extended use.

I was able to listen to them for a 12- hour shift without ear fatigue or throwing them across the room because they hurt. An added bonus is the reinforced, tangle-free cables tested to withstand 33 lbs. of pull force and SnagIt™ Magnets for easy unwinding when you need to grab them and go. Also because the earbuds are positioned on what looks like Y splitters it makes it easier to remain untangled.


Admittedly, my initial thoughts of the buds is that they’re slightly above average. You hear the difference mostly in the mids. That’s where the Jabra Vox really shines. The speakers a are hifi which will give you more realistic sound production. I used these to listen to the Justin Timberlake album 20/20 Experience and I felt like I was live in the studio.

Jabra provided a complimentary app Jabra Sound which takes your experience to an above average session. Jabra Sound is a music player that gives you the full Dolby Digital Plus sound and more. Use the App to create and browse through playlists, share music and adjust the graphic equalizer so you can play your tracks as you want to hear them.

Final Thoughts

Without the Jabra Sound app the sound quality is slightly above average if your more into mids. Not that great if bass is your thing. However, when you listen through the app it sounds like a whole other song. You get the full-bodied experience of the bass and all the other instruments. Even if you’re not a fan of in ear ear buds these may change your mind as they’re extremely comfortable and the Snagit Magnets make tangled cords a thing of the past.

They are available for $99 which won’t break the bank.

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