Spider4 This goes back to my visit at CES 2013. I always like to wander around the CES floor on the last day I’m going to be there and just randomly choose a direction to see what I find, I always seem to find a gem or two that I wouldn’t normally have found. On this go around my eye caught the logo of Spider from a few booths away. When I walked over, I was given a tour of the booth and seen these Powerforce headphones that came in Black & Red and also White. On the surface it caught my attention but now that I had them for a little while, would they be a gem or should I have kept walking?


Spider2 On the surface the Spider Powerforce headphones are nice looking. Coming in Red/Black and White. I got sent the Black/Red model and I like the diamond quilted pattern on the headband of these headphones. On the ear pieces, there is a simple Spider symbol. Other than that, there isn’t much to these headphones. Spider keeps it basic and to the point. It is this simplicity that makes it attractive. It isn’t too gaudy which I like. Simple, attractive, and with a nice design pattern.


The Spider Powerforce headphones are quite an impressive pair of headphones, the sound quality on these are actually quite amazing! As a lover of Bass, the Powerforce headphones deliver without sacrificing the snap of a snare drum, the shimmer of a cymbal, the delicate touch of fingertips on an acoustic guitar string. (as taken from their site). The Powerforce headphones deliver good quality sound for the price where others might charge a lot for their products. After using the Powerforce for a good week plus I was quite pleased with the quality of sound and absolutely loved the bass. Especially when combined with the Beats Audios embedded with the HTC One X+ and some Spotify listening.


Spider3 I really like using the Powerforce headphones. On the head they are comfortable being not too heavy or too light. The sounds quality for them is excellent, so when out and about all I hear is the music I’m listening to. No disruptions from the outside world which is just the way I like it. And I love that they flip sideways so I can wear them on my neck without the ear cup suctioned to my neck. The only major complain I think I have with the Powerforce headphones is that though the ear cups swivel, sometimes they do so a little too fast, which sometimes became an annoyance when trying to open them up to put on my head. Other than that, they performed as good as they looked!

Wrap Up

the Spider Powerforce headphones are definitely one of the gems I found while walking the halls of CES and I’m glad I found them. They are good looking, sounds good, and was a pleasure to use over extended periods. Coming in at a cost of $129.99 they don’t break the bank, but give you a good quality for you money.

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