acase_mini_03The iPad Mini is one of Apple’s most popular products right now so obviously, accessories for the device are in high demand. One of the most popular item categories for the iPad mini are cases. Being an Apple product, most manufacturers have jumped on board to create cases for it meaning there are definitely no shortage of different cases available for it. On company that always has cases available at launch of shortly after is Acase. With the iPad mini, they decided to introduce a new line of premium cases for it and the result of that is the Arachne, their first premium genuine leather case for Apple’s smallest tablet.

The Arachne is made of genuine top grain-leather giving it a look of luxuriousness and class. Unlike other cases in comparison, the Arachne is completely handmade and because it uses high quality top-grain leather, it changes over time to match its user. That means no two cases will look the same and you’ll end up having a one of a kind case for your iPad mini.

Design and Build

acase_mini_05The Acase Arachne leather case for the iPad mini is a folio style case. That means that like other folio cases, the thing closes up like a book when not in use. It also has a specially placed fold on the front cover that allows it to fold up and then tuck into a groove on the back in order to make it stand. This allows you to prop up the iPad mini for viewing or for creating a better typing angle. The Acase Arachne also includes all the necessary openings for all ports and buttons which means you can do anything and everything with it while its still in the case.

As a bonus, Acase saw fit to include magnets on the cover and inside portions of the case. This allows the cover to activate the automatic cover lock/unlock functions built into the iPad mini. Also the magnets located on the inside of the case allow the cover to lock shut when not in use so that the cover doesn’t flap around like it does on other cases. This is a feature that every iPad owner should look for when considering a case for their iPad.

Acase sent Vintage Brown version of their Arachne leather case for the iPad mini and I have to say, this thing looks really awesome. It’s a leather case that really is made of genuine leather that you can feel and smell. There is nothing quite like the smell of genuine leather. It’s a small that is both intoxicating and addicting. I find myself taking a little whiff of it every so often for some odd reason. The entire case is made from leather, inside and out and has a really great feel to it. It has a very smooth texture on the outside and has a weathered look to it, giving it a very classy, elegant look.


acase_mini_06Folio cases are one of the easiest cases to use and install and the Acase Arachne is no different. All you do is lift a little flap at the top of the case and then slide your iPad mini through there. It will be held in place as if it were sitting in a pocket with a big hole cut out for the screen. Just tuck the flap back in behind the device and it will remain secure in the case. It has all the holes built into the case already for easy access to all ports and buttons. There’s even a hole in the rear for the camera.

What I really like about this case is that it has magnets in place to keep the cover shut when not in use as well as a second set of magnets that works in conjunction with the auto lock/unlock feature of the iPad mini.


Final Thoughts

The Acase Arachne leather case for the iPad mini is one of the best cases I have ever used, not just for the iPad mini, but for all iPads in general. If they made this case for the regular iPad, I would get it. As it stands, the Acase Arachne is the new standard that I will judge all other cases on from this point on. It basically has everything I look for in a case of this type. It’s stylish, protective, fits great, it’s made of real leather, and it has magnets as part of its design. This is one of the best looking cases I’ve have seen in a while thanks in part to the way the vintage brown color looks on it as well as the quality of the case itself.

It’s also really amazing too that Acase sells the Arachne for only $39.99 which is super cheap for a case of this nature and build. If you’re looking for a really great leather case that will turn heads, I definitely recommend the new Acase Arachne case for the iPad mini.

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