Back at CES 2013, we were able to have a sit down with Jessica Smiley of Mimoco and give us a run through of where Mimoco has come from and where its going for the future. Mimobots are when you get down to them designer USB flash drives but the level of detail and care put into these cute little things produces some great quality. You cant help but want one just by looking at it. They cater from the girls that love Hello Kitty to the dudes that want the Caped Crusader such as Batman in their lives. When I went to CES last year I was introduced to the MIMOMIRCO line which are their microSD readers which looked pretty good themselves with nice

These devices can be considered big for toy collectors just based on their styles alone. Mimoco has been working with companies varying from Sanrio, DC Comics, to the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises.Getting these licenses makes sure their characters are portrayed accurately. One interesting thing they do also is they will release them in limited quantities which gives them even more of a collector feel.

I tried out the Star Wars Edition with Darth Vader and the detail alone just scream cool factor. The Stars Wars Darth Vader model has a one in six chance of either being Young Anakin or Old Anakin. You don’t have any idea until you pop the helmet off. In my case I received Young Anakin which is cool, the older one is a 1 of 6 chance of getting. Once you pop it in your USB you can either use it as a standard USB or play with the extras. These are usually things such as wallpapers, screensavers, desktop icons, and even an app called “MIMOBYTE”. Whenever you remove the drive or insert it you will get a cool sound bite. Nice little novelty.


I can see myself using the drive a lot more than my other flash drives for the look alone, but it also kind of gives me an itch to want more of them and sit them on my desk. Since they are so small I can imagine just having hundreds of them lined up. Now pricing maybe a little more than your paying for flash drives as the 8GBs are $19.99 and going up to 64GB is $69.99.

The big reveal at CES this year was the special collaboration with Elvis Presley donning either the Army uniform or in his “King” attire with a touch of “aloha” sprinkled on it.

You can check all these MIMOCO devices and more at their website. Also keep a look out as we will be giving out lucky reader a chance to win “The Dark Knight Rises” Batman featured here.

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