Within a year there looks to be a big boom of sorts in regards to bluetooth wireless portable speakers. Whether there is the Jambox or the Pill there is always one looking to outdo the other.

After an impressive release out of nowhere last year HMDX looks to add-on that buzz which a commercial I seen fairly recently and also at CES 2013 they look to have a robust lineup of devices catering to every need for every individual.

Jam Plus


It’s still the same original Jam we all know and love but now gotten rid of that black border and also allows you to sync it up with another Jam Plus. There are toggles on the bottom from which you can select the left speaker for one and the right speaker for another. This can help create true stereo sound depending on how they are located. $59.99

Jam XT


If your person that live to the extreme then the XT is for you. Rated IP64 its guaranteed to take a drop, wont get any dirt in and can take a splash. In hand it does feel stronger than the Jam Classic and Jam Plus. With the fold out carabineer you can latch it your gear or even yourself and never miss a beat. $69.99

JAM Splash


Rather then blasting your mobile device from the bathroom sink(yes I have done this), with the bluetooth capabilities of the Splash you can have it hanging in the shower or stick it elsewhere with the suction cups. Hence the name Splash it is water-resistant but it’s not for going underwater of course. Whats better you can even take a call on it also. $79.99

Jam Party


Powered by four speakers behind the grill it reminds me of a modern-day boombox. The handle can be pulled out to remind you of this or can be used to position it in various ways. You can play music through it via bluetooth wireless for eight hours or for extended play it can be hooked up to a AC adapter. $119.99

Jam Fusion


Slated to be the first bluetooth portable headphones that you can pair with another pair of Jam Fusions. With this you and your friend can share music playing without being connected to the hip. The design of these do look nice and I’m waiting to see how these work in action. Also is a built-in mic for taking calls. $89.99

Jam Zzz


The Zzz is a bluetooth alarm clock allows you to charge your smartphone with the USB port included while streaming or can do so wirelessly. It has dual alarms for the other person that may need it or just that bad at waking up. There is a holster that allows you to put your phone there so you don’t end up laying on it while your sleep. Also the Zzz has speakerphone capabilities. $79.99

HMDX also has various other alarm clocks(Chill,Cube,Sleep Station PLUS, & Geo) and portable speakers(Go,Burst,Rave,Roam, & Stream) also on the horizon. Look for a lot of the above featured devices to launch in the Spring, and others to drop more in the Summer/Fall.

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