Kia Optima SXL – full body - g style magazine

Kia Optima SXL – Full Body - G sTyle magazine
To follow up our review of the Kia Optima Hybrid, we decided to go in a week with a the SXL model to see how a little extra pep in that step might do it. From our review of the Hybrid I talked about not really being a fan of Kia and how the Optima was the first car in the lineup that caught my attention. By the end of that review, I was quite surprised and it was a great ride in terms of looks and experience. Will the SXL fare the same?


Kia Optima SXL – full view - gstyle magazine I can’t dive too into this one as the SXL looks just about the same as the Hybrid we took for a test drive. The one we had for this week was an all white model. Not really a fan of white, it looks great when it is fresh and clean, but the first hint of dirt and that off white isn’t as attractive.

Just like the Hybrid, the Optima is hands down the most attractive car in the Kia lineup! The Optima has a very modern feel and the accents on the car wraps it all up in a nice little package that is just sexy. Again if you want a fashionable vehicle from Kia, the Optima should be your first pick.


Kia Optima SXL – interior view - dashboard - steering wheel - g style magazine Now that this will be second time kind of using the Optima line, I can say that I’m not really a fan of the Optima’s center console UI. When you have a car that looks sleek, smooth, and sexy from the outside to have this UI on the inside is,  eh. The UI in the Optima makes me feel like I’m looking at some huge hotel which looks great on the outside, but once I get in the room it looks old and non-updated. The UI needs to be spiced up. It is functional yes, gets the job done yes, but need some visual flare to make the outside!

Other than that the SXL share many of the same features as the Hybrid we reviewed. There was the usual FM/AM, Bluetooth In/Other AUX In/ Satellite Radio, and CD. Outside of entertainment, dual climate control, and heated seats where present.


Driving the Optima SXL was quite enjoyable. Sharing many of the comfortable as the Hybrid mode, and also a snappy acceleration for this mode. The handle and ride was smooth, and though it wasn’t as gas saving as the Hybrid, I still found the fuel economy pretty decent. And again this is one ride you’d be happy to show off as you travel around.

The Kia Optima SXL starts out around $26,800 but this will vary depending on your destination. It is no doubt a good looking car, average at best when it comes to it entertainment console, but overall a very nice ride.