DSC00809Sony came out the gate this year showing off their new Ultra 4K TV which looks incredible with all the vibrant colors and some nice display designs. Other things Sony looked to focus on it newest Xperia models, revised versions of their X headphones, and various Bluetooth wireless speakers also featuring NFC.

DSC00811The newest Xperia models are the Z and the ZL. Looking to take the best of Sony and putting it into a beautiful 5″ Full HD 1080p Reality Display. The quality of the display was pretty vibrant and sharp because of this. They are using technology usually used with their HDTVs and cameras. Also featured is BATTERY STAMINA which is stated to utilize power saving options when not in use. This something that would definitely need to be seen in action. NFC features were good syncing it to the multiple wireless speakers that were available as it was rather instant. Also with the Z model it was displayed showing some water (being dipped in water) and dust resistance features.


SonyCES (4)They did some improvements on their NWZ Sony Walkman model with the 270. This year they are rated to be waterproof and were shown being dipped in a glass of water on display. They are shown to be used for the person that does the intense workout or even the long distance swim. They did feel lighter than the NWZ-W252 model I reviewed previously and this one has 4GB of music storage space.

SonyCES (6)Bluetooth wireless speakers look to be the trend which I have grown to like, but I love seeing them with NFC. The SRS-BTX500 and SRS-BTX300 which have a sleek design to them. Features included are of course NFC for instant sync to your mobile device and also Bluetooth wireless calling. So you don’t always have to use your mobile device just talk into the speaker. The rechargeable batteries state 6 hours on the lower model and 8hrs on the higher priced. Getting a brief listen to the sound quality was great.

Also they are smaller portable speakers with the SRS-BTV5 which has a 360 Circle design to have music coming from all angles. Nice as they are available in a wide array of colors. The SRS-BTM8 is a larger portable speaker with a handle and ac adapter and can get up to 20hrs of continuous music playback.

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