You and your team are about to go up against another team that has been talking trash in the online lobby, you know for a fact you can’t lose now because if you do, you and your team will look like punks.

The battle begins; you get taken out, while you’re waiting to respawn your hands have become sweaty from being anxious, what do you? You wipe your hands on your thighs; you do this a couple of times throughout the game.

Now I know we have all been there before, it becomes annoying and sometimes we blame our poor gaming stats on that one reason. I’ve been looking for something to put on my controller it stop the annoying habit of whipping sweat on my clothes, well the guys at Squidgrip have come up with a solution.


I received the Xbox 360 version, now putting the grips on is extremely easy, just stick the grips onto the controller’s arms, and stick all around it now make sure the grips are all around the controller because sections liked to lift off the controller. Here’s a piece of advice apply the grips on when you know you are going to play for a while, that way they stay on firmly and you won’t have to worry about them lifting.

SquidGrips are made from an extremely durable foam that is both latex free (just in case some of you are allergic) and anti-microbial, so if you have pets you don’t have to worry about pet hair or dust collecting on them. You don’t have to worry about your controller looking bulky, the way SquidGrips designed them will not take away from the look of your controller.

Over All Performance

When I applied the SquidGrips I decided to see how well they can soak up sweat, and what’s the best way to test that? Play the most stressful and competitive game out..Black Ops II. I grabbed two of my friends and we played a couple of online matches, NOT once did I wipe my hands on my thighs, to tell you the truth I didn’t feel my hands getting sweaty or clammy. Not only does it keep my hands dry but is also surprisingly comfortable, it has this nice “cushion” feeling which is a good thing for those all night gaming sessions.


This has to be one of the best gaming accessories to come out, SquidGrip is comfortable, and an easy ONE time application. Now they only come in black, I am hoping they add a couple of different colors in the near feature, but you can customize colors for the SquidGrips logo for an extra $2.99. For $14.99 this is a must have for any gamer, now if they could come up with some SquidGrips for arcade sticks I’ll truly be one happy gamer (crosses fingers).

Platform: Xbox 360 and PS3

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