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Timbuk 2 Woolrich Messenger Bag - Analie Cruz
Did you get a new laptop for the holidays? Preparing to take all your new gadgets back to school after winter break? If you want a way to safely carry your new tablet and/or laptop around without worry; look no further than the Timbuk2 messenger bags.

About Timbuk2

The company started by making bicycle messenger bags out of a garage in the late 80’s. Over 20 years later they have expanded their line to diverse and practical messenger bags, laptop bags and luggage.

A new addition to the line of Timbuk2 is the Woolrich messenger bags. This limited edition “Made in America” line features Woolrich fabrics (made in Pennsylvania). This line is all handmade in Timbuk2’s manufacturing facility in San Francisco, California.


Timbuk 2 Woolrich Messenger Bag Open - Analie Cruz - TechI tried out the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag for a couple of weeks. This was my very first of the line. I prefer the messenger bag style opposed to the Swig bookbag style. There’s a lot more room in messenger bags and it’s easier to transition to from a purse (at least for me it was).

This bag is just what I need. I carry so many things around; that they risk being damaged. With the Timbuk2 classic messenger bag, my laptop and tablet were protected by the waterproof lining and soft padding. It’s a relief to know that they were protected during the last few days (we’ve had a bit of sleet in New York). Those inner pockets help organize my many chargers and other random stuff that I carry around.

Believe it or not; a great feature on this bag is the padding for the shoulder strap. It helps with the heavy weight of it. I felt a lot less pressure on my lower neck and shoulder. When you can lug a mini office around without much of a burden; that’s always a plus.

If you don’t like the color combinations that Timbuk2 has to offer; you can make your own customized version. I find that awesome. But, you should be prepared to pay more for the custom version.

Timbuk2 For You?

These bags might be a little pricey at over $100. But the investment is very much worth it. You’re protecting very expensive gadgets and electronics from physical and water damage. The bright tag lights for those who bike often are helpful for obvious safety reasons. You will have a comfortable fit and more importantly; your gadgets are safe. These bags are durable and Timbuk2 has a lifetime guarantee. For me; it was fairly easy getting around in a busy and fast paced city like New York. Timbuk2 did not disappoint. I will be using this bag at CES 2013. I’m sure it can handle the madness.

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