For those who want to be a bit more creative with their cases and want something customizable, check out the X-Doria Cubit case for the iPhone 5. I reviewed this case a while back for the iPhone 4/4S and this one has been updated slightly for the iPhone 5. The Cubit is still made of polycarbonate for scratch and impact resistance, but is now longer and a tad slimmer for the iPhone 5. Because it’s longer now, the Cubit now has an extra row of spaces for you to design with. That means you get 9 rows of squares, each row has 5 squares to play with for a total of 45 squares. Another change from the previous Cubit as that these new cases now only include 2 different colors of squares instead of the previous 4. This actually makes designing patterns a bit cleaner as trying to think of patterns with 4 colors is much more complicated than with 2. The square inserts too are different than the previous ones as they are more rubbery feeling now and less glossy making them much more grippy an useful.

The Cubit is a a typical snap on shell case. Like the Dash and Engage Form that I reviewed earlier this week, once you get the pattern you want laid out, all you do is snap on the case and you’re good to go. The case will protect the rear of your devices along with the left and right sides of your device. The top gets a bit of coverage, but not as much as you’d like while the bottom is completely open. The Cubit also does not extend bast the screen so that means if you place the iPhone face down, it’ll be sitting on the screen.


  • A case that is as unique as you are
  • Colorful, interchangeable cubes let you customize your look whenever you want
  • Includes a shatter-proof polycarbonate shell and a full set of soft, silicone cubes

What I like about the Cubit is how customizable it is. The way that it is designed, you can basically come up with thousands of different patterns and you’ll most likely never run into anyone with the same exact pattern. It’s available in 3 different colors, white, charcoal, and pink – each have their own set of colored squares. The square insert are very easy to insert and remove when the case is off but when the case is on, they will not fall out on their own. It’s a very secure system making it very difficult to lose any squares once you get them on. You can get the X-Doria Cubit now on their website for $29.99 or from the link below.

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