Novation gets it right again as the mild manner Novation MiniNova takes off its glasses, undoes its tie, rips opens its shirt and flexes its chest it becomes Super Nova. Not to be confused with its other relative; Ultranova. This is more than a synthesizer. It’s the breathalyzer for intoxicating sound; reading beautiful decibals of music. The 37-key synthesizer can be used for recording tracks in the studio or performing live. You can choose from an array of sounds; from House/Techno, D&B/Breaks, R&B/Hip Hop, Rock/Pop and Dubstep. The easy selection knobs also allow you to use the Vocoder/Vocaltune with different types of Keyboard/Lead, Bass, ARP/Movement, Pad Strings, and what would a Synth be without the Classic Synth. Also included is Xcite+ software bundle made up with Ableton Live, the Novation Bass Station Legendary Novation Soft synth and Loopmasters (Over 1 Gig of royalty free loops and samples).

Key Features

•37 note keyboard with velocity
•16 character custom LCD
•Up to 18 note polyphony (dynamic voicing)
•LED lit Pitch and Modulation Wheels
•XLR dynamic mic input
•Store up to 384 Patches on hardware (ships with 256)
•12 band vocoder
•Realtime Arp rhythm editing function
•MIDI in/out
•Kensington Lock port
•The sound generation from the powerful UltraNova
•Editing software and patch management software included
•Free sound packs available including bass synth sounds and vintage synthesizer
• and 15 filter types
* This is by no means the complete list*

Seeing is Believing

Words can’t fully describe how sweet this synth is so peep this:


After this video demonstration at least one of the words of reaction of your vocabulary has to be “Niiiiiiice.” You can do almost anything with the Mini Nova, nice and compact for travel and performing. Also, you can download additional Soundpacks for free from the likes of Chuckie, Fabian Lenssen, Silvio Ecomo, Dino Soldo and Daniel Fisher. If you’re not a fan of Novation, I don’t know what else they need to do to convince you because I’m still buzzin’ off the Novation Impulse which was reviewed on G Style previously. This is definitely worth the purchase; as a producer would instantly excel you from a MiniNova to a Bossanova in the music production game.

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