I’m a big fan of the Mimoco MIMOBOT line of  USB flash drives so I’m always excited when I get news of a new design they’ve come out with. Recently, Mimoco released their new Legends of MIMOBOT series featuring icons of the human race. Their 2nd “legend” in the line is none other than the legendary Bruce Lee. The new design features Bruce Lee wearing his memorable yellow jumpsuit from the movie “Game of Death” and is one of his more recognizable outfits from any of his movies. It is available in 8, 16, 32, and 64 gb configurations with pricing starting at $19.99.

You can pick yourself up a Bruce Lee MIMOBOT here. Also check out the full press release below for more information about the new Legends of MIMOBOT series.

Press Release

(Boston, MA – August 7, 2012) – Mimoco, creator of the MIMOBOT® line of designer USB flash drives and MIMOMICRO® card readers, is thrilled to release the second in the Legends of MIMOBOT series, Bruce Lee MIMOBOT. Featuring the icons, geniuses, and stars of the human race that have changed our world for the better, the Legends of MIMOBOT series debuted with the release of Einstein MIMOBOT in early 2012. Now, Bruce Lee MIMOBOT continues the series by transforming the most influential martial artist of all time into designer flash drives that hold up to 64GBs of data, and come preloaded with bonus Mimory® such as MimoDesk™ personalization suite of Bruce Lee-themed wallpapers, icons, video, and avatars, and MimoByte™ sound software that plays sound clips each time Bruce Lee MIMOBOT is inserted or ejected from one’s computer.

Bruce Lee pioneered the martial arts movie genre, developed his own style of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do, and introduced the discipline, power, and speed of martial arts to the western world. Now, Bruce Lee is, quite literally, the most kick-ass MIMOBOT flash drive ever made. This battle tested Bruce Lee MIMOBOT has the tiger claw cuts, yellow tracksuit, and matching nunchucks, and the suave determination that made the Legend himself so iconic. The bad guys won’t get near your data, not if Bruce Lee MIMOBOT has something to say about it.

“The Legends of MIMOBOT series is all about shining the spotlight on figures who have changed our world,” says Scott Seraydarian, Director of Media at Mimoco. “Bruce Lee is more than just an athlete, an actor, or an ambassador. He’s an icon, and we’re thrilled to realize him in MIMO-form. It’s a perfect match. Bruce Lee was known for his lightning fast speed, just like our MIMOBOT USB flash drives. Bruce Lee was known for crossing cultures and disciplines, just as MIMOBOT flash drives are the perfect synthesis of technology and design. Just make sure you shout ‘Hiiiiiiiiiiiii  Yahhhhh!” whenever you plug your Bruce Lee MIMOBOT into your computer!”

Bruce Lee MIMOBOT is available now at www.mimoco.comwww.brucelee.com, and at specialty stores all across the world. Get the latest in the Legend of MIMOBOT series before they disappear faster than a nunchuck to the noggin!

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