Depending on if you seen the movie Men In Black 3 or now, and was paying attention, you may have notice that the Ford Taurus was the MIBs official car. When someone says Ford Taurus you may think of this first, for me though, when I hear someone mention a Ford Taurus, I think of the car above. It is because of this reason I have steered clear of the Ford Taurus for ages. If it wasn’t for the Men In Black 3 movies, I would haven’t taken a second look at what is absolutely striking vehicle! Spoiler alert, you want the SHO model hands down! Why even bother to look at the regular models! But let’s kick this off shall we.


I honestly never thought I say this about a Ford Taurus, but the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO is sexy! The loaner I had was in Ruby Red, and I’m now even a fan of the color red like that, but if I was buying it I would give that color choice a hard consideration. The red works well with the black accents along the car, and most noticeably the rims on this car. The rims…the rims..the rims on this Taurus are HOT! Many times when you buy a car you pick up a set of aftermarket rims to accent your car. These rims on the SHO model will make you lose interesting in wanting to go aftermarket. Seriously why would you.

Now once you move pass the rims on this beauty, you really get to see how the Taurus has evolved from the boring American family sedan, to a quite an attractive piece of machine. As a dad, when I think of the term “family car” I see images of the Taurus from yesterday years like the ones above and cringe. But to pull up in an SHO (again, the regular Taurus is nice too, but you want to go SHO, trust me), is to invite double takes as you drive by. I mean from the front’s HID headlights and grill, wrapping up to the back’s dual-exhaust tailpipes this car is a looker!


Just like with my review of the Ford Focus, all the tech goodies that I believe in this day and age should be standard is present and accounted for. You really don’t understand how important listening to music from your phone is, until you have to fuss with an Aux-In cable. Fortunately I don’t have to with the Taurus SHO. Bluetooth media screaming is on deck, along with making phones, voice commands, dual-climate controls, heated seats, navigation, and more. I must also give a mention to the rearview camera and the gap feature of the cruise control. That gap feature senses how far a car is in front of you and adjust the speed accordingly. This felt once step away from how the cars were in the Minority Report, this was very cool indeed.

When it comes to tech, Ford and it’s Sync with myFord Touch system if one of my favorites among cars. Using it is always easy to use, and includes all the features I usually want from a car. So when it comes to tech, the Taurus SHO gets a A+!


Reviewing the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO this past week, was definitely an eye opener for me. As mentioned earlier when I thought of the Taurus before, I thought of the car at the beginning. But *in Kat Williams voice* this car right here, this right here…Is a beautiful piece of Ford machinery!

The ride is smooth and a joy to drive. I’m able to play my music from phone (Spotify of course) with no issues, and the set up is easy to do. I had my phone connected in less than a minute. The creature comforts like the dual climate control, and how the car remembers my seat settings is a plus.

And this car is definitely a looker. Many has taken double takes, gave nods of approval, and extra long stares at red lights, examining the car. So unlike the Ford Taurus of the era in which I most remember them, this one blows that image out of the water and gives me a fresh opinion on a Ford Taurus. Would I recommend one now? Hell yea! But get that SHO model, it will run you $46,075.00 (as configured for the one you see in the images), but I think worth it over the regular model.

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