Recently, I came across the HoldFast company when researching randomly for camera equipment. I usually browse all the photo blogs and news sites to see if I can find anything interesting that catches my attention. That’s when I happened upon HoldFast. What really caught my attention were their products and how beautifully designed and functional they looked. As you know, most photography equipment today is very modern looking and minimalistic in nature using lots of synthetic materials. HoldFast is very different. HoldFast uses lots of natural materials like leather, canvas, and suede which makes their products look very classic and has that retro/vintage American look.

HoldFast was started several years ago by professional photographer Matthew Swaggart. After years in the field, he noticed that photography equipment had become to look very drab, unfashionable, and uncomfortable. Photographers were looking more militaristic and unfriendly. There was no longer any beauty with their equipment. That’s when Matthew founded HoldFast. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, HoldFast gear is made in the United States of America and features classic Americana themes of style, durability and functionality.

All of my products are made or assembled by hand in the heart of the United States, Oklahoma. I believe in our country. I believe that the freedoms we have were won by those that wouldn’t settle. I back that belief up by not sending my products over seas to settle on a cheaper price. I want to create every opportunity I can for my country, I know this is minutely small but it’s still my part. I mean no offense to any person, company or country for doing things differently but I just want to do my part.

This company is dedicated to my family for believing in me. It’s dedicated to my wife for her love and faith in me. It’s dedicated to my son Ryder and my daughter Lola for knowing that you only lose when you quit not when you make mistakes.

Go, forgive, make mistakes, live without regret by learning from those mistakes.

If you take a look at HoldFast’s equipment lineup here, you’ll see just how amazingly beautiful their products are. All are made out of some combination of leather, canvas, or suede and each has that rustic, old American frontier look to them. The first product that really caught my attention and got me browsing their site was the HoldFast Camera Leash. I’ve been trying to find a really nice wrist strap for cameras and almost everything I had found was unappealing and just plain ugly. That’s when I happened upon the Camera Leash. I loved the fact that it was made out of leather and looked like it had very durable metal pieces instead of plastic. I also liked the fact that it seemed to have many uses to it and could be “tethered” to things other than your wrist. Hopefully it’s something I can get a look at more closely in the future.

After seeing the Camera Leash, the rest of their products were equally as awe inspiring and eye catching. The most interesting of the bunch are the MoneyMaker, the RuckStrap, the MiniRuck, and the Wrist Strap. Each are beautifully designed with lots of style without sacrificing any function.

Again, I’m really hoping to get a closer look at all their products and hopefully one day, I’ll also become as fashionable a photographer as Matthew Swaggart.

*All images property of HoldFast and Matthew Swaggart.

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