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The New iPad versus the iPad 2 : Which one is for you?

You’ve seen our thoughts about Apple’s latest and greatest, but if you are on the hunt for a tablet, there is still no denying that the iPad is the best supported device on the market. While the New iPad may not do too much to shake things up, its still nothing to shake a stick at. Do you then go for the iPad 2 at a new low price, perhaps saving even more by purchasing a refurbished model with a one year warranty from the Apple store, or do you splurge on the New iPad later this month and take pride in knowing that you’ll have the newest of the new? (well for at least another 12 months) Here is a comparison list to help you make your decision.

Comparison Chart

As you have probably concluded, the major differences are in the GPU and the screen resolution. This is interesting considering the iPad is now in direct competition in the hand held arena for Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita. Obviously though, with the latter two being game centric and designed specifically for that purpose, they are ideal for hardcore gamers but the improved specs on the iPad will help it continue to grow as a gaming platform. The camera upgrade is a nice touch complemented by the upgraded iPhoto and iMovie software. Its convenient to record and edit on the same device, but the practicality of using your tablet over your phone or HD camera is questionable. LTE is another obvious bonus and one that Verizon and AT&T users are going to love. The lightning fast speeds offered on their 4G networks are a match made in heaven for iPad users, but of course such speeds don’t come cheap. Bottom line, if gaming is a factor for you then the New iPad will be worth the investment over the next year, especially if you will be using the LTE radios. For everyone else though, the iPad 2 offers much of the same experience minus the gorgeous screen. Either way, we think you will still be a satisfied customer.

Jonathan Baezhttp://www.gstylemag.com
Jonathan Baez is a New York native raised in the Bronx as a certified geek. He loves gadgets, gizmos, what-ya-ma-call-its, and anything in between. His passion for tech is matched only by his love for Video Games, Anime, and Music. In addition to writing for G Style Magazine, Jonathan is bringing his children up as little geeks in training.


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