If you found yourself in the position to upgrade your Android device to one of the great selections available today, it is very likely that you find less and less need for that Micro HDMI wire you may or may not have even used. Due to MHL support appearing on phones everywhere, you now have a choice to spring for a MHL to HDMI adapter like the Toshiba Regza to use with one of your HDMI wires, or wait patiently for a TV with a MHL port. Both options will ensure that you get the most out MHL’s concurrent battery charging, and ability to display 1080p HD content with 7.1 surround sound.



However, if you were looking to go the wireless route, perhaps something more akin to Apple’s Airplay, then Xbounds might be what you’re looking for. Xbounds is a dongle that will connect to any monitor or TV with a HDMI port and will mirror your Android display via WiFi. The connection is so good that everything you do will be displayed in real time. The obvious benefit here is the wireless connection, so that you are free to use your device from wherever you want without being restricted by a cable. This is especially handy when you want to play a few games from your phone or tablet on a TV, view a few pictures or a video, or maybe just sit down instead of standing next to the display. The price as of yet, has not been officially announced but is estimated at 99 euros so you can do the math. To see it in action for yourself, check it out right here. Xbounds.

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