I use Foursquare pretty often but honestly none of my friends live remotely close to me so while it’s cool to see where they are I can’t meet up with them or check out the same venues they are visiting. Being fairly new to the Orlando area I have no idea where the “hotspots” are nor have I adjusted to the horrendous traffic beast that is I-4. CrowdCloud by Adiant may be my solution.

CrowdCloud is a free app for the iPhone that utilizes a patent-pending technology that blends the social web with communities. It allows users to view local events instantly and access information real-time for local venues such as restaurants, merchants, mass transit systems and other key community focal points so you always know what’s going on in your community.

CrowdCloud filters through millions of social media postings every hour using both artificial intelligence and human curators, allowing users to connect with information from around the social media world- wherever, whenever!


    * Millions of local social media posts filtered to provide the most relevant community information at a glance

    * You can use your existing social media accounts to sign in to CrowdCloud

    * “Beacon” your friends to share your location in real time. See all your friends on your map at one time!

    * An ability to search posts by location with dynamic mapping

    *Post information and photos about your surroundings simultaneously to CrowdCloud, Twitter and Facebook!

I used this app during two major events here in FL-MegaCon and All Star Weekend. I wanted to see just how useful this app would be in giving me information relevant to me. CrowdCloud did allow me to view Twitter updates and local news reports regarding the areas I was headed to and it helped me to avoid traffic jams and various roadblocks. Even though I found that aspect useful I felt it would be just as useful to include more social info. For example, how long the line at Megacon was, what was going on in various clubs during All Star Weekend; etc. For this information I had to perform a #hashtag search on Twitter. I do however use in the morning getting ready for work. I usually turn the news on first thing and wait for the traffic report which I usually miss because I’m usually out of the room when it comes up and then I have to wait for the next go round. With CrowdCloud I can look at my phone and see if and what delays are in my area so I know if I need to leave a few minutes earlier.

I did find a couple things a tad frustrating; For example any random comments about traffic ends up in my Traffic stream, and the Auto Accident Attorney advertisements flooding my Traffic stream was also a little annoying. A one off comment here and there I can tolerate but sometimes it’s all that’s in my stream. Sometimes it reads like useless information from people you would never ever follow on Twitter.

Overall, I like the app and will continue to use it. I look forward to updates to this app in the future and a little more stringent filtering in it’s content. Is this the new big name in Social Media ? That we have yet to see. In the meantime, you can find more information about this app at www.crowdcloud.com. On the website you can see real time info streaming with the option of select different major cities and viewing their timeline.

Download it for free today, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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