Queen B caught a lot of slack from critics who weren’t feeling her first single off this album Run The World (Girls) but personally I loved it. I believe in female empowerment and needless to say after listening to the rest of the album this song became my least favorite, but for good reason.

I’ve heard so many people bash this album but I honestly think this is her best album to date. I have eclectic taste in music and this album was diverse enough to satisfy all my interests. For once I honestly felt what she was singing, like I feel it when MJB sings. On songs like End of Time, Start Over and Countdown I found myself wanting to be in love like she is.

It’s always great to hear Andre 3000 on any track so the collaboration with him and Kanye on Party was perfection. I can’t pick one favorite song depending on the day I find myself keeping any song on constant repeat. On the bonus CD songs like Schooling Life remind me of my dad playing Al Jarreau constantly when I was a child. It was a bit nostalgic but current at the same time a very nice mix. Then there’s Dance for You is classic Ms. Fierce definitely a “date night” song.

Overall this album in my book is Mrs. Jay-Z’s finest and definitely GStyle Approved. Currently Target is the only place to purchase the Deluxe Edition of the album which contains 2 discs. The second disc contains 6 additional songs (3 being remixes of Run the World) and the Run the World video. For only $13.99 a definite worthwhile purchase.

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