For Mother’s Day I bought myself a Google Nexus S and about 2 weeks later-I was over it. Don’t get me wrong it’s an awesome phone, but it just didn’t quite do it for me.

Most of my friends are HTC EVO 4G owners and while they all raved about how awesome their phone was I simply wasn’t interested in it. Needless to say I was in no way expecting to be the proud owner of the HTC EVO 3D. Most of the EVO owners I know were immediately turned off when they learned the dual 8mp cameras they’ve grown to love has now been reduced to only 5mp. I tried and tried to avoid reading any specs or getting caught up in the hype of the EVO 3D-despite the zillion emails Sprint sent me trying to tempt me.

After a friend of mine called me and asked me all kinds of questions about the EVO 3D I started researching it simply to answer his questions-less than 24 hours later I ran to store and bought one. No HTC didn’t send me one I actually purchased it myself. All this talk about Android 2.3 with HTC Sense 3.0, 1080 HD video output, 720p in 3D, Dual Core 1.2GHZ processor how could I not? I’m sure you’ve read all the other reviews about this phone, but as an actual Sprint customer and after playing with it all weekend instead of doing my homework-Let’s get into it:

First Impressions:
The Google Nexus S felt very sleek ad sexy in my hands and I’m a tad petite and don’t like bulky portable tech gadgets. The EVO 3D feels better than I expected. The dimensions on the 3D are 5.0”x2.6”x0.5”, and the 4G dimensions are 4.8”x2.6”x0.5”. Surprisingly, the 3D doesn’t feel hefty at all in fact because of the design of the battery cover it feels not as wide – a definite plus in my book.

The display screen is still 4.3″, which is perfect to watch the free copy of The Green Hornet (Yes, it comes with the phone). It also comes with most of the bells and whistles that come with the HTC FLYER/VIEW, such as, HTC Hub, HTC Watch, HTC Likes; etc. Some people have griped about missing the kickstand but seriously they sell a case that comes with a kickstand-problem solved ;).

The battery life is impressive. I get up at 7am play Angry Birds, text, IM, call constantly play with my phone and it keeps a charge well until past 9pm without me having to charge. I honestly haven’t put this phone down since I bought it. I also love that fact that while doing my homework the other night my phone was ringing I simply flipped it over to stop it. AWESOME ! I love this phone and I can spend all day and 20 paragraphs telling you why and I haven’t even fully figured it out yet. Feel free to ask me anything and as I find monumental new info out I’ll definitely be back to share.

Pricewise: If you’re a new customer or eligible for a full upgrade you can get the 3D for $199.99, However EVO 4G owners can trade in their phones for $100 credit towards it at most retailers. Its well worth OVER the $200 price tag-but even sweeter for $100 !

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