sidekick Ok so without a doubt the most popular phone among the 13-21 (and some adult who need to let go, but can’t lol) set is the Sidekick with no contender in site. I’m curious though, why is that. Once this set grows up, there is this wonderful world or smartphones out there with the likes of Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone, Android devices like the G1, and now the Palm Pre. However it is interesting that in the teenager years, you have the Sidekick…that’s it, nothing else, no other phones get as much attention. Why is this? We need to help the youth out, I’m sorry but I’m tired of seeing the Sidekick rule. Since it was the IT phone of celeb everywhere, it has never lost it’s grip on the youth.

Now even the celebs have long moved away from the Sidekick (and probably wouldn’t be caught dead with one), so why hasn’t our youth moved as well. And yes I know it’s feature set is one that would appeal to youth, being the texting/IMing beast that it is, but there are no others out there. If this is the case then it is sad our youth have such a limited selection. I’ve seem some youths with a Blackberry and some with an iPhone, but really the Sidekick is the king. What are your thoughts on this?

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