palm-pre-june6th so the news is out and every Tech site has got some June 6th news up on their site, so why not us too lol. Ok so just in case you only reason G Style Magazine (though if you really have G Style you read the sites we have in the recommend area as well), the Palm Pre is dropping on Sprint this June 6th. It will be going for $199.99 on a 2 year contract and after rebates.

There is no question that this phone has style, more style than most Palm phones as of recently, so we definitely recommend this phone for any Sprint customers out there. The one question we are curious about though, is whether this phone will be enough to save Sprint. Sprint hasn’t been doing too good in the customer numbers game, but will this stop the bleeding. One thing for sure, this will definitely at least give Sprint it’s first “killer” phone on the roster. So now the question remains, who will be getting the Palm Pre when it drops?

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