buzzd The Buzzd application for Blackberry is pretty cool. It seems location based app are all the rave right now and the Buzzd app is a really slick example of one. With the Buzzd app you can detect your location and look for cool places to eat, view, and see what is happening right now in your area.

So we’re messing with this application and it is pretty cool. Visually this is a very slick looking app! The next screen transitions are very smooth and I like the colors through the application. So on a pure does it have style ranking, it is stamped G Style Approved! But now how does it work, cause it can be the coolest thing on the block, if it doesn’t work, it is pretty pointless.


To my surprise it even found stuff in the Bronx where I was detected at the time. Usually I’m used to apps of this nature being heavily root in like Manhattan, where there are tons of places to go. But sure enough when I first tried it in the morning, while in the Bronx it found a list of places to eat and as far as stuff to do, it picked up on a Yankees game.

buzzd-5Once you do find where you would like to eat or where you want to go, you can click to add the it to your calendar, add the contact info to your address book, send the listing to your friends and more. Then there is the community aspect of it where you can send updates to Twitter or photobuzzing which is tagging a photo from your phone from the place or event. This app can be found in the Blackberry AppWorld or by going to for an OTA download. The app is free, so you have no excuse why you shouldn’t be getting Buzzd too!

For more shots, check out the pictures we have in the Gallery!

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