Ok let’s first start off by saying that this phone is feature packed. It has EDGE, it has HSDPA, a 2.4′ screen, 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi. We will even get it points for the Glossy Piano Black case, a nice touch.

Having said that, we must say, this thing come up short in the style department. We would hope that HTC didn’t hit it’s peak when it comes to style after the release of the HTC Touch. So far after that it’s Touch line has revert to this ugly square/rectangle shapes that just aren’t cool. I mean come on, these things are so squared I could probably cut my fingers on the sharp edges. Would it have hurt to at most curve out those edges. I’m sorry but the box shape isn’t what is hot currently. We want curves, we want slim smooth shapes that dare not follow the cookie cutter rectangle shapes or yesterday. Now I’m not saying that all new phone have to specifically be curved all the time, but this just won’t fly. I’m sorry this phone my friends does not have G Style!

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