Babylon A.D., what should I say about this movie? Should I say its action packed? Should I say that Vin Diesel is back at the top of the action hero list? Should I say that this movie had a great story? Well if I said any of these things, I would be considered a liar. This movie’s “A.D” in the title should stand for “Another Dud” for Vin Diesel. The movie takes place in the future, and much of the world is either run down by past wars or has been left to rot because of radiation from nuclear meltdowns.

Vin Diesel plays Thoorop, a mercenary for hire who survives by the old creed: “kill or be killed”. He is hired to smuggle a woman named “Aurora” (Melanie Thierry) from a convent in Kazakhstan to New York City. As they travel from Europe to Russia then to Alaska via a submarine that happens to smuggle refugees from there to America. They run into two different sanctions out to get they’re hands on the young woman. One is led by her mother the High Priestess(Charlotte Rampling) and the other by her scientist father Dr. Newton (Joel Kirby (ll) ). With her is her guardian Rebeka (Michelle Yeoh) who tells Thoorop of Aurora’s abilitiy to learn things without it ever being taught to her. Throughout the movie Thoorop grows fond of the woman, and just when he is about to do the right thing in life, he dies. That was the opening premise of the movie, so of course it gets the audience intrigued to find out how he is going to protect this young woman.

This movie is another example of Vin Diesel ruining his career. He had it so good after “Pitch Black”, “The Fast & the Furious”, and the “Chronicles of Riddick” that just when he was about to become the next big action star, he started excepting really crappy roles. This movie does have action in between all the traveling scenes, but they aren’t even worth the wait. It’s all unbelievable, overblown scenes. One thing I found amusing was that with all the disaster and mayhem going on in this future, New York was still a place of big lights and glamorous scenery. Towards the end of this movie Vin’s character dies, but like I said they tell you that at the beginning. What I wasn’t expecting was the stupid outcome it would bring. This movie was about a young woman who would become the savior of the planet. Well someone should have had her save this script first. It’s really has a lot of holes in the story, and it left me thinking if there was a religious undertone to the ending. Well maybe not, but it did need a better ending. I give this movie 1 star out of 4. It was a waste of my 1hr and 30mins I spent watching it. It’s rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, language and some sexuality. It was written by Mathieu Kassovitz and Eric Besnard. It was directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. It was distributed by 20th Century Distributions under the production companies of Babylon A.D. SAS, M6 Films, Studio Canal, and Babylon Films.

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