Parrot is one of the leaders of functional and innovating Bluetooth accessories and speakers. Their latest production is something to ride with while speeding on your motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter. The SK4000 is a head set and remote system that allows a rider to call or listening to music while riding with out stopping on the side of the road to switch out songs or pull out a device. This great for trips cross country or in a emergency situation when both hands on are on the throttle.

The Parrot Sk4000 is a simple 2 piece Bluetooth head set and remote that attaches to a helmet and and handlebar and can be used to receive calls or listen to music from any music player or the on board FM radio. The Bluetooth profiles can handle up to 10 devices and connects automatically when any of the devices are in range. The speaker and mic attaches to any helmet size and a speaker is located right by the edge of the strap for clear hearing. It even syncs with a devices phone book and stores it in the handlebar remote for wireless calling and has a Speech to Text messaging just like the Microsoft Drive software. The menus are all activated by voice and with echo cancellation and noise reduction features, the SK4000 makes clear calls with out any interference.

This a great attachment for riders of all sorts, and it’s makes for a great a great safety tool when a phone is not in reach. With the voice menus and the phone back up, looking up numbers and even speech to text messaging is simple. The Parrot SK4000 is available for preorder on the Parrot web store. For more information on other Parrot accessories, visit

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