Lomography Nour Triplet 64 V2 Hero Image with lenses in Black Aluminum Finish and Brass Finish

Sometimes a good portrait lens is less about realistic reproduction and more about evoking a mood or a feeling. If emotion is what you’re after, Lomography’s Nour Triplet V2 Art lens is something to keep an eye on. Lomography recently launched its Kickstarter campaign, and while we typically don’t cover Kickstarter projects, Lomography has consistently delivered on previous campaigns. Here’s what we know so far.

Lomography Nour Triplet V2 Lens Key Features

  • Available Mounts: Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Sony E mount
  • Coverage: Full frame; 35mm
  • Focal Length: 64mm
  • Maximum Aperture: F2
  • Effect: 3 unique bokeh effects: Classic, Bubble, and Soft Bokeh
  • Focusing: Helicoid focusing mechanism (allows for pairing/operation with filmmaking equipment)
  • Construction: Brass with Black Brass ring elements or Black Aluminum finish

Why It Matters

It’s been a while since Lomography has developed a new lens – the last being the Achromat for mirrorless cameras. Like the Achromat art lens before it, the Nour Triplet V2 is all about building a mood straight from camera. The Nour Triplet V2 gives photographers three bokeh effects from the typical sharp in-focus area with pronounced separation, a bubble effect that transforms light in out of focus areas into soft, soap-like bubbles, and a soft bokeh effect that makes everything feel like a dreamy, ethereal environment.

I had the opportunity to check out a preproduction version of the lens and found myself quite pleased with the bokeh effects and enjoyed the results the lens produces. One of the reasons I don’t often shoot with my Sony a7 III is because if find many of the images to be sterile or too clinical. While that has its place, the Nour Triplet V2 pushes you to think creatively and beyond making sure that your subject’s eye is in focus (no shade).

Pricing & Availability

This being a Kickstarter campaign, there are inherent risks in becoming a backer – one of the reasons that I typically won’t cover a Kickstarter product announcement. That said, the last 3 campaigns that I’ve participated in have all been completed without issue. Time is running out to save up to 25% of the full price of the lens once it’s widely available and for less than $500, the Nour Triplet 64 is a great lens to have if you’re a portrait photographer. Check out the Lomography Kickstarter campaign here.  

Lomography Nour Triplet 64 Preproduction Samples

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