If you’re in the market for an Android tablet, the two names that come to mind are that of Samsung and Amazon. Samsung by far leads the the Android tablet space, but Amazon with its Fire lineup, is a great alternative when it comes to price. However, there’s a new player in the affordable Android tablet space and surprisingly, it comes from T-Mobile with their new REVVL Tab 5G. The REVVL Tab 5G was released in late August of this year and features a 10.36″ FHD display, 7040mAh battery, 5G connectivity, and an entry-level price of just $199.99.


For the most part, the T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G looks like your typical rectangular slab. There are no real defining features about it and looking at it from the front of the rear doesn’t really tell you much. Honestly, this could be any old generic tablet out there, and the only thing that would tell you this is a T-Mobile unit is the T-Mobile logo on the back and the barely noticeable magenta power button.

Despite its anonymity, there are a few little design choices that I like, even if they are fairly subtle. For instance, thank you for the USB-C port. I also like that the REVVL Tab 5G has two speakers, one on each side of the tablet in landscape mode. I also like the decision to put the front camera on the top in landscape mode and not the top of portrait mode. Tablets these days are used for media consumption and landscape really is the way to go if that’s the case.

Also, while the display isn’t edge-to-edge, the bezels aren’t really that large. But I’m glad there is a bezel because it makes the tablet easier to hold without your thumbs touching the actual screen part.

Other than that, the build quality seems pretty good. It’s a mixture of glass, metal and plastic. The edges are rounded for comfort and for the most part, it feels fairly light at 17.35 ounces. It is overall a pretty handsome-looking tablet.


The T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G isn’t what I’d call a powerful tablet, utilizing a MediaTek MTK5G-C, 2x A76 2.2GHz, 6x A55, 2.0GHz. It has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space. What I can say though day-to-day usage for the most part feels fairly peppy. Logging in seems quick without any noticeable lag and apps such as Kindle, Netflix, YouTube, and other media-related apps also load up fairly quickly.

It also has two SIM slots, though one of them is an eSim. T-Mobile was able to hook this up with an eSim which leaves the physical 2nd SIM slot open. The physical SIM slot also has a space for expandable storage up to an extra 2TB.

Lastly, it came with Android 13 installed, and while I’m not entirely sure if it’s running a custom launcher or not, the UI seems pretty basic and stock. There’s no intrusive-looking launcher like there is on a Kindle Fire and for the most part, it came preloaded with just Google Apps. When the REVVL Tab 5G was activated with a sim, only two T-Mobile apps appeared, which was surprising. Good job with not preloading this with a bunch of junk apps.


I gotta say, for being an inexpensive Android tablet, the T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G is not bad at all. Android 13 runs fairly smoothly on it and it runs great in both portrait and landscape mode. The size of the tablet is pretty nice too and isn’t too small or too large. It’s comfortable to hold in both portrait and landscape mode, though I really do enjoy it in landscape mode for most tasks. Reading books or viewing websites, however, is still better in portrait mode.

With 128GB of storage, you should have plenty of space to download all your apps and play all the games you want. Since this is a tablet, some of the best apps you can get are media-related apps. Tablets are great for watching movies, video clips, and occasional games. Watching movies on this is pretty good, though the speakers aren’t what I’d call the best. That’s probably the one thing lacking on this tablet, though I didn’t expect it to have monster audio based on the price point. The main issue is there’s no bass for the most part so it’s mainly just highs and mids. Not great for music, but movies are okay.

Aside from that, the T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G is pretty nice for the price point and a great alternative in the lower end of the tablet spectrum.


Not everyone needs a tablet, and not everyone needs to spend a fortune on them either if all they really want one for is media consumption, web browsing, and reading books. The Amazon Fire is a fine example of that, except for the custom launcher that is too heavy on trying to sell you products. Instead, the T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G is a much better alternative is basically running almost stock Android 13, has nearly zero junk apps installed, and can be customized to fit your needs.

It feels solid in your hands and the built quality and materials are pretty good as well. There honestly isn’t anything to dislike about it other than the mediocre speakers, but that can be fixed by wearing better headphones. All-in-all, if you’re on T-Mobile, this wouldn’t be a bad pickup at all if you wanted a second device for media.

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