According to a new report from Epidemic Sound, the market-leading soundtrack innovation platform there are some notable trends among creators who post or stream gaming content on YouTube. The findings of this report come as countless creators are grappling with licensing challenges and the threat of content takedowns due to the use of original game soundtracks. Here are some key highlights:

  • K-Pop usage among YouTube gamers has grown by 266%. The growing prevalence of K-pop music within gaming content suggests a changing trend in musical tastes and a testament to the genre’s expanding global reach. 
  • Other rapidly emerging genres among gaming content creators include: Samba (+130%), Drum n Bass (+126%), Synth Pop (+120%), and Crime Scene (+101%).
  • Epidemic Sound’s research also reveals content creators’ music preferences across popular gaming titles:
    • Creators overwhelmingly prefer Trap music as the soundtrack for their content about intense games like “Apex Legends” and “Call of Duty.”
    • YouTubers covering Horror games, such as “Resident Evil 4,” lean towards suspenseful Action music above all else.
    • Videos about “League of Legends” typically showcase Alternative Hip Hop tunes, while “Fortnite” content creators often choose upbeat Modern Latin tracks to set the mood.

When I was streaming a couple of years back, using licensed music meant being demonintized and force muted, so I resulted to alot of smaller artist/content creators who created music just for streaming. I’m not particularly surprised in this numbers; creators are trying to make engaging videos and because of licensing issues, other avenues open up.

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