Plugable is expanding into the charger game with two new releases, the 32W USB-C & USB-A Charger with AC Power Outlet (PS1-CA1) and the 30W USB-C GaN Charger (PS-30C1W). One is mainly meant to be kept permanently on an outlet plug while the other is a compact portable charger. Both are solid charging solutions featuring rapid charging of phones, tablets, and various USB-C peripherals.

32W USB-C & USB-A Charger with AC Power Outlet

The 32W USB-C & USB-A Charger with AC Power Outlet (PS1-CA1) is a charger that transforms any outlet into a charging station. Unlike other chargers, there is an outlet passthrough. This is perfect for areas where you might not have a lot of outlets, but have several items that use regular plugs. For instance, if you’re in the kitchen, but there’s only one outlet with two plugs, and you need both for an Instant Pot and a rice cooker. With the PS1-CA1 you can use both and charge your phone at the same time.

That makes the PS1-CA1 super useful over standard charging blocks. I like the fact that plugging this in doesn’t block the second outlet and that this includes both a USB-A and USB-C port. it supports USB Power Delivery 3.0, delivering up to 30W of power to its USB-C port for fast charging. If used simultaneously, the USB-C Port provides 20W of power, the USB-A port provides 12W of power

USB-C GaN Charger

The 30W USB-C GaN Charger (PS-30C1W) is a very compact USB-C fast charger. This one is meant to be used with a single device at a time as it only has one 30W USB-C port. While similar in look to those old iPhone chargers, this one is much better because the prongs on the back actually flip up and fold out of the way making the charger much smaller.

Aside from that, there’s not much else to say about it. It does what it supposed to do in a compact little package.


The 32W USB-C & USB-A Charger with AC Power Outlet (PS1-CA1) and the 30W USB-C GaN Charger (PS-30C1W) are both solid purchases for those wanting reliable and fast charging. Plugable usually puts out quality products and these two are no exception. not only that, both of these are reasonably priced in their respective categories.

Overall, two very good entries for Plugable in the charger space.

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