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In the world of content creation and streaming, audio quality plays a pivotal role in captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact. Beacn has emerged as a trailblazer, offering two exceptional products – the Beacn Mix Create audio mixer and the Beacn Mic. With their sleek designs, premium build, and studio-grade performance, these audio solutions cater to the needs of streamers seeking an immersive audio experience. BEACN’s effort to bring their seamless noise suppression, innovative features, and unparalleled functionality to content creators’ workspaces is commendable, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Sleek and Durable

Both the Beacn Mix Create and Beacn Mic exude a sense of elegance and sophistication with their sleek designs. Crafted for durability, these devices have a premium feel that instills confidence in their build quality. One noticeable advantage of the Mix Create is its lighter weight compared to the GoXLR Mini, making it a portable and convenient companion for content creators on the move. The Beacn Mic boasts a DSP studio-grade dynamic range, delivering exceptional audio clarity for streamers seeking professional-grade results. Equipped with USB C connectivity, this microphone offers convenience and versatility, eliminating clutter in your workspace; streamers in pursuit of top-notch audio without the hassle of tangled cables could lean on BEACN. Beacn’s noise suppression implementation in the Beacn Mic is nothing short of impressive. It efficiently eliminates background noise, ensuring crystal-clear audio input. However, an occasional noise gate issue has been observed, requiring adjustments. Despite this minor drawback, the overall performance remains remarkable, delivering professional audio quality that captivates audiences.

The Audio be Mixin’

The Beacn Mix Create serves as a robust, yet simple audio mixer designed for Windows users. With automatic driver installation, setup becomes a breeze, ensuring users can get up and running quickly without technical complexities. However, to access the mixer’s full capabilities, the Beacn Mix Create program is required. The Beacn Mix Create’s 5″ screen is thoughtfully designed, offering impressive visual clarity and enhancing the overall user experience. The display showcases active sound sources and provides real-time feedback on ongoing activities. Streamers can effortlessly monitor their audio setup with precision, allowing for smooth and seamless management of audio sources. Its audio routing table within the software streamlines the management of sound sources. Content creators can easily route from their desktop to their headphones or other outputs, enabling seamless transitions between various audio configurations. Additionally, the mixer’s functionality to swap between audience and personal audio settings is a game-changer. This embedded feature allows for a much more streamlined audience experience while offering personalized audio settings for streamers during their content creation process.


Beacn Mix Create and Beacn Mic epitomize the perfect blend of style, performance, and functionality for content creators and streamers alike. Their sleek designs and premium feel elevate the aesthetics of any workspace, while the Beacn Mic’s studio-grade dynamic range and USB C convenience ensure exceptional audio quality without clutter. With seamless noise suppression and an intuitive audio mixer like the Beacn Mix Create, content creators can deliver captivating audio content that engages their audiences. The 5″ screen and audio routing table offer precise control, ensuring a smooth audio management experience.

For streamers seeking an immersive audio journey that captivates their audiences while maintaining a clutter-free workspace, Beacn Mix Create and Beacn Mic stand as indispensable tools that elevate creative content to new heights.

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