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From Tetris in 1994 to the Snake game in 1997, mobile games have evolved tremendously. Today, mobile phone users play complex games like Space Invaders and Mastermind. They are not only good for entertainment but also for sharpening the brain. Continuous use of the games can help build analytical thinking skills.

The skills help individuals create solutions that last. They understand challenges, analyze them, and get feasible solutions. Analytical thinking is useful in education and when making actionable decisions. A student can write attractive essays and do well in their studies. Here are mobile games that will boost your analytical skills.


2048 requires players to slide tiles to create greater numbers. They begin with two tiles and keep building the pile until they create tile number 2048. The game gets trickier as the number of tiles increases. The player might fill the available space before they hit the maximum figure. If that happens, the entire pile crumbles. To avoid this, the user must think critically and quickly analyze situations.

They must be strategic and know where to place each tile. As their analytical skills develop, they win more times. The same skills are necessary when writing essays and doing math homework. Some math problems however are more difficult to solve. A student can contact a do my math homework for me online expert for help. It creates more time to play games and develop soft skills.


Chess game for mobile phones was released about 10 years ago. Just like traditional chess, it requires players to use abstract strategies. Players need a great deal of creativity. They must ask themselves different questions like “what-if,” “if-then,” and “how-about.” Such questions are important for developing analytical and critical thinking skills.

The player must stay focused on the game and concentrate on their next moves. Some schools integrate this game into teaching to help improve student memory. Consistent users perform well and could write quality research papers. 

Brain Wars

Brain Wars is a mobile app featuring a collection of games. They are categorized based on the age of the user. They range from brain teasers to Sudoku, and puzzles crosswords. The user plays against many other people around the world. The user who outscores other opponents takes the win.

The goal of the developer was to help users train their brains. Users show an improvement in memory, speed, and attention. They become good in analysis, cognition, and critical thinking. These skills are useful in writing essays, research papers, and studies.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires requires players to build empires and conquer opponents. They build houses, find berries, build granaries, and have sustainable production. It is a series of real-time strategy games that require a lot of skills. It is not easy to leverage a ton of things to build an empire. Users need to use analytics and war-style missions to ensure other players get stuck. Its strategy requires a great deal of analytical thinking to win.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump does not involve fighting monsters, UFOs, or shooting. Players only need to guide a creature up platforms without falling. The game is endless as long as the doodler does not fall. Jumping up the platforms gets complicated as the creature moves higher.

Users receive a boost from items like rockets, hats, springs, and jetpacks. The game requires a lot of strategy and analysis of the next moves. The user has to keep an eye on random obstacles and avoid them. Doodle Jump might look simple but it helps build analytical thinking in a big way.


Threes require players to slide tiles that contain numbers on a grid. Users have to combine multiples and addends of three. The game goes on until there are no more tiles left. At that point, the final score is counted. The user must improve their skills to get the highest score. It was developed to help build player’s strategic thinking, and analytical skills.


Mastermind can be played collaboratively or competitively. Users guess the secret code locked in a series of four colorful pegs. After each guess, players get feedback to help them get closer to cracking the code. The person who cracks the code with the fewest guesses becomes the winner.

The game is perfect for users who love using logic and analytical skills to solve issues. Users also develop their spatial reasoning, logical reasoning, and coding skills. It provides unlimited possibilities to learn a wide range of soft skills and grow.

Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go is the latest mobile version of the traditional Scrabble game. Players are provided with letter tiles in a rack. Users form words in columns or rows and earn points. In a competition, a winner should get around 600 to 700 points. Competitive Scrabble Go improves the vocabulary of users. It helps build their memory, strategic, and analytical skills. It is classified as a game of strategy and helps build creativity and concentration. Players improve game tactics and the power to create words.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is played by swiping candies in different directions. Players create sets of matching candies while avoiding being blocked. Once they match, the candies crush and thus shift the candies above them. Users can create combos by matching more than three sets of candies. It is a game of skill that triggers the release of dopamine to boost mood and excitement.

It helps build the cognitive and analytical thinking skills of players. With each win, players encourage themselves to try out the next level. At each level, the game becomes tougher, and winning becomes harder. It is a highly addictive game and players can keep playing for hours.

Conclusion Mobile games provide an excellent way to build analytical thinking. Players sharpen their cognitive abilities and brain efficiency. They boost their working speed, memory, and general brain health. There are more than 400,000 mobile games that can help players build their analytical thinking skills. Users should choose games that challenge them to think deeper to solve problems.

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