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For all fans cs go tournaments are a real holiday. Competitions are held at a high level and gather the best players from all over the world. Watching the masters of esports is very exciting. CS:GO is a team-based first-person shooter developed by Valve. It all started as a modification of Half-Life — Counter-Strike, then this mod became an independent game and then several versions were released, including CS:GO.

Where is the next CS:GO Major 2024?

Tournament operator PGL has announced the first-ever Counter-Strike 2 Major. The year 2024 will be the opening Major in the history of the new version of the game Counter-Strike 2. The Major is the largest of all cs go upcoming tournaments. Competitions will be held from March 17 to 31, 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The venue for esports cs go tournaments is the multipurpose Royal Arena. It has hosted several BLAST tournaments since 2017. The final cs go tournaments will be the Paris BLAST. It will take place from May 8 to 21. 

This csgo event will feature 24 cs go esports tournaments from around the world. Players will compete for the grand prize of $1.25 million. This event is not only interesting for fans of the game but also for anyone interested in e-sports.

Like the previous Major, CS:GO Major 2024 will be held in several stages: the group stage, play-off, and finals. The tournament format hasn’t been specified yet. Most likely, we will use the same methods used in the previous Major.

Stay tuned for more news!

What is the next Major in CS:GO?

Upcoming cs go tournaments will begin the most significant BLAST Major 2023. 

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament is scheduled for 2023 in Paris, France. Csgo event is one of the major international tournaments organized by BLAST. It is expected that the tournament will feature the best professional CS:GO teams from around the world, and the prize pool will be significant, as in previous years – $1,250,000. The winner will receive $500,000, as well as a slot at IEM Cologne 2023 and BLAST Premier World Final. The silver medalist will take home an award of $170,000 and the teams that share third through fourth place will receive $80,000. More details will be announced later. Organizers promise a memorable and exciting show for all fans of all cs go tournaments

If you look at the list of cs go tournaments, we can assume that the prize funds will grow, as in previous years.

In 2021, the biggest cs go tournaments had prize pools of up to $2 million, like the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. There were also several csgo pro tournaments with $1 million in prize money, including the IEM Katowice 2021, BLAST Premier Spring 2021 Finals, and BLAST Premier Global Final 2021.

More and more viewers are watching cs:go tournaments online, which is beneficial for the development of csgo events and increasing the event budget of the game.

The rules of cs go tournaments state that they can be organized by anyone. Independent csgo events of varying degrees of importance are put on the schedule one after the other — and sometimes in parallel. The only exception is the biggest counter strike tournament — Major. This counter strike global offensive tournament is the world championship. He consistently held it at least once a year. Teams do separate qualifiers in three regions — Europe, America, and Asia. Obtained results do not affect other cs go upcoming tournaments. Cs go tournaments are unique events for all fans of e-sports.

Will the Paris Major be the final CS:GO Major?

The Paris Major 2023 will be the last tournament of its kind before the game is updated. It will be the last CS:GO Major. There will be a CS2 tournament in 2024. It’s one of the most cs go upcoming tournaments. The next World Championship will be held in March 2024 — e-sports will compete in a new version of the game Counter-Strike 2. Participants in Paris Major 2023 will be determined from April 4 to 15 at regional RMR tournaments. The final stage will meet the top 24 teams, which will play for the title of world champions and $ 1.25 million in prize money. 

There are other prestigious tournaments in cs go tournaments, such as the Intel Extreme Masters or the BLAST Premier. In terms of prize money, such csgo events are comparable to the Major. But other upcoming cs go tournaments traditionally do not attract as much attention. At cs go tournaments Major teams get a chance to make extra money on the sale of in-game stickers — in 2022, revenues from them exceeded $70 million.

Paris Major 2023 is also important for the history of esports. In the summer the developers from Valve intend to release a new version of the game, called Counter-Strike 2. It will resemble the old, but not without differences. Developers finalized graphics and updated some of the mechanics. So cs go tournaments will be even more interesting. 

Formally Paris Major status is not higher than the previous csgo events, but it will go down in history as the last in this version of the game. This is not a bad extra motivation for the participants.

Cs go online tournaments free first rounds will be held in a best-of-1 format — to one victory per card. All series to fly out or to qualify for the next stage will be in a best-of-3 format — up to two wins. Due to the peculiarities of the Swiss system, at the moment only known pairs of teams in the first round — the next round members will be determined only after the previous one.

If you think where to watch cs go tournaments, the official English-language streams will be held at Blast channels on YouTube and Twitch. For the schedule and broadcasts follow the website game-tournaments. You can always find a counter strike tournament right now.  

Now esports culture is developing. Watching reports of upcoming cs go tournament matches is a great way to stay up to date and not miss tournaments with famous teams and players.

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