UAG Metropolis

The iPad Air 5 isn’t new, in fact, it’s been out for almost a year. But, because of its M1 chip, it’s still as relevant today as it was the first day it came out. I want to say that it’s making a comeback in terms of interest because you can pick these up now for about $100 less than they were when introduced. That puts it not too far off from the price of the new iPad 10th Gen, so why not spend a little more for a much faster processor. Anyways, like with most devices like this, I like to keep them protected and Urban Armor Gear is always one of my go-to brands for cases. I went with the UAG Metropolis Series and the UAG Plyo Series to see which I liked better for the iPad Air 5.


UAG Metropolis

The UAG Metropolis Series of cases is usually their most rugged and this one for the iPad Air 5 is no exception. This is a folio-style case that features an impact-resistant case that is both rigid and flexible. Your iPad Air 5 will sit tightly inside without worry that it will fall out of the case. The built-in cover is felt lined to protect the screen and the exterior of both the case and cover has a water-resistant tactile non-slip grip coating that makes it easy to hold.

Other notable features include a built-in Apple Pencil holder that doesn’t interfere with charging, the cover has built-in magnets for sleep/wake functions, and you can use the cover as a stand. While the UAD Metropolis Series might not be the sleekest of covers, it is rugged looking and the all-black exterior gives it a bit of a menacing look.

I really like this case as it does offer some really good protection and the stand function works quite well.


UAG Plyo

The UAG Plyo Series of cases takes a slightly different approach. It’s more of a fashionable case and does away with the usual rugged looks that UAG is known for. Despite its more stylistic approach, it doesn’t sacrifice protection or utility. it features an armor shell with an impact-resistant soft core, a built-in cover that doubles as a stand, and an Apple Pencil holder that doesn’t interfere with charging.

The Plyo Series is perfect for those who want a bit more style but still want the protection that UAG is known for. The clear shell back also means you can let the color of your iPad show through if you have one of those fancier colors and want to show it off.

While the Plyo is more modern looking and stylish, I don’t quite like it as much as the Metropolis Series case. The stand on it is okay, but not quite as sturdy in my opinion as the Metropolis one is.


You really can’t go wrong with either of these Urban Armor Gear cases for the iPad Air 5 and it really comes down to personal preference which one you like better. They both work really well and both provide a good amount of protection. I personally like the Metropolis Series case more but again, that’s my personal preference. Either way, both are solid cases worth a look if you want something nice and protective for your iPad Air 5.

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