Gamesir G7 Wired

Xbox gamers have a wide variety of controllers to choose from if they’re looking for the perfect setup. Some players prefer the stock controllers while others prefer more custom third-party ones. Me, I like third-party controllers that offer a mix of added features and value. Take for instance the new Gamesir G7 Wired Controller. This third party looks very much like the stock controllers but features two programmable buttons on the rear, Hall Effect analog triggers, tactile face buttons, and more. And all of this at a much more affordable price than the stock controllers.

The Gamesir G7 Wired has a very familiar shape that mimics that of your standard Xbox controller. It’s very comfortable to hold a smooth matte finish. Most of the buttons are in the same spot too except for three of the center buttons which are a bit more spread out but are still easy to reach. The rear of the controllers features a textured grip which helps keep the controller from sliding in your hands. Lastly, the controller includes a second faceplate in white which also has a matte finish.

Gamesir G7 Wired

In terms of specs, the Gamesir G7 Wired is loaded with features.

  • ALPS3D joysticks
  • Anti-friction glide rings for the joysticks
  • Tactile microswitch face buttons with a satisfying clicky sound
  • Hall Effect analog triggers
  • Four vibration motors
  • Two programmable back buttons
  • Two faceplates
  • 3.5mm audio jack with controls for both master audio and voice chat
Gamesir G7 Wired

You also get on-the-fly button mapping and the ability to turn on and off certain features with the need for software. Of course, there is also a Gamesir Nexus app if you want to customize the settings even more and save different profiles for different games. Settings you can customize with the app include button mapping for all buttons, stick dead zones, vibration strength, and changing the way the triggers work.

With all these features, you’d expect the Gamesir G7 Wired to be amazing, and you know what? It is. The controller feels really nice in your hands and doesn’t feel heavy either. The controls feel very accurate and what I really like is just how satisfying the button clicks sound. Each click gives me an auditory confirmation that the button press was registered and they don’t feel squishy like on some other controllers I’ve tested. The analog triggers also feel very good and have a good amount of travel space. For shooting games, you can disable the analog functionality and the triggers will just register on and off no matter what position they’re on. Lastly, the controller will work on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows 10/11.

Gamesir G7 Wired


The Gamesir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox and PC is a very good wired option for those looking for an alternative to the pricier Microsoft units. What I really like are the extra features such as the programmable buttons and the extra tactile buttons. I also really like that it comes with two face plates and the white one can be drawn on so you can make your own designs. The Gamesir Nexus app makes it so easy to customize almost every aspect of the controller too but isn’t necessary if you don’t want to use it. Overall, the Gamesir G7 Wired is a solid performer and another great alternative if you’re looking for a customizable controller.

You can pickup the Gamesir G7 Wired here on Amazon.

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