If you are looking to experience Super Bowl LVII in the best way possible(besides being there) Comcast is providing a superb viewing experience. They are teaming up with Dolby to broadcast the game in Dolby Vision. While there are carriers giving you the game in 4K/4K HDR no one is utilizing Dolby Vision.

If you never experienced Dolby Vision its some of the picture quality possible giving off sharper contrasts, richer colors, etc. The Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles showdown will look alot different. Or if you are just tuning in for the Rihanna Halftime Show.

To get Dolby Vision with Comcast, you need a compatible X1 Cable box and also a TV capable of Dolby Vision.

Football fans interested in upgrading their TV for the Big Game should also visit the Dolby Amazon Store for a curated list of incredible offers on Dolby Vision-enabled TVs.

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